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Podcast Central: Mega Sized Fun

Podcast Central
Are you an avid listener of podcasts? Can’t find that podcast for the Pokemon trainer on the go? Starting today, Pokemon Crossroads is going to be a hub for your Podcasts.

So, don’t touch that totodile! We got the latest batch of Pokemon podcasts ready for your listening ear!

PKMNCast: Pokemon Bank and Mega Starters– The guys at the PKMNCast gather around to talk about the Pokemon Bank and how great they think the new Mega Evolutions of the Kanto Starters look.

The Official PXR Podcast: What is the 2DS?– PXR has a Podcast and for the first episode we have a chat about the 2DS, Mega Evolutions and just some good old fashion XY chatting. Don’t forget to check out Episode 2 as well!

The Underground: High-Pitched Quality
– Sam and Nateal get together to talk about the fifth Pokemon movie, Pokemon Heroes. They also go over some of the recent Pokemon news and talk about their latest adventures in the Pokemon competitive battling scene.

ANNCast: Down with the Vic-ness– Zac and Justin from Anime News Network interview Vic Mignogna. This popular voice actor has voiced many popular characters and recently Keldeo in Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice.

Know of any Pokemon related podcasts? Leave a comment below or drop a message here.

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