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Podcast Central #PPAMonth Special: TCG Podcasts!

TCG Podcast
Time to get your game on!

And lay down a face down! Though, if you know anything about the Pokemon TCG then you will also know that there is rarely any face down cards involved. I guess that is because you love the Pokemon TCG and listen to these amazing Pokemon TCG podcasts!

There are so many Pokemon TCG podcasts to choose from. You got those aimed at the serious competitor chasing their Worlds invite. There is also TCG casts that are aimed at the collector. You even got those podcasts for the regular Pokedad. No matter your age, interest or skills! These Pokemon TCG podcasts are ones that want to help you step up your game! So go ahead and give these podcasts a listen to see which one you will love to listen to as you play!

Don’t touch that Totodile! It is Pokemon Podcast Appreciation Month!

Tag TeamTag Team: Blue Garcia Griego– Mikey: Riley and JW have the famed Azul on to talk about his history with the Pokemon TCG. From his humble beginnings of playing with his family to playing in tournaments all over the world! Nothing to feel blue as you listen to this episode of a fun loving TCG player and his fans.
Special ConditionsSpecial Conditions: Collecting Cardboard – Mikey: Adam and Josh tackle the question and issue that all TCG players face. Collecting! What is the mix that each TCG player should focus on when collecting cardboard? When do you know that you have too much? All fine questions that are discussed in this episode!
PokeDadsPokeDads: Who the Bulk are you!? – PokeDads welcome the Legend Danny Osterreich (danny.phantump) The dads ask questions about how he got started, the beginning and end of Dead Draw Gaming and life after it. Also what he does with all the Bulk he receives. It’s a good episode to learn from a buyer point of view.
Meta PodMeta Pod: Introductions, Infinity Zone, & LucMetal/Zacian Tier 1?-This podcast is all about people who play the game because we just enjoy playing, and enjoy being a part of an awesome community of players. If you are looking for a great podcast to learn about the weekly meta of the Pokemon TCC as well as other random topics that pop up week to week, then we are there for you!

And good news: You can catch up on all the episodes super easy because we are pretty new to the Pokemon podcasting world! So check us out, say hi to Jake and Sean, and know that we are always open to ideas and opinions from everyone in this community.

Heat FactoryThe Heat Factory: Top Tips from North American Top 10 Players– Mikey: Rob and Owen bring you a buffet of great players to you! If you want a quick listen of how to improve your TCG game then this episode is for you. The best are here to help you get better and to have fun!

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