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Podcast Central: Putting the Boom in your Burst!

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Get ready to enter a part of the fandom that you have never heard about! A part that is ready to take over lands from all over the Pokemon World! From Orange Islands to Kalos! No piece of territory is safe from these teams of rouges. There are battles! There are romances! There is pride! Well, maybe not romance but there are plenty of battles and pride to go around.

Welcome to the world of TURF WARS!!!

And it is the job of the Boomburst Podcast to cover every turn of the war and see which teams are advancing while commenting on the teams who can’t ride the tides of war. So join us as we listen to Dozer and Cyarkos cover the turf war and spotlight the Boomburst Podcast!

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Don’t touch that Totodile!

Boomburst Podcast Boomburst Podcast: Turf Wars Recap: S4 Turn 2- Enter the fray and join the world of Turf Wars! Teams from all over the internet are formed in an effort to take over the Pokemon World. You have Team Aqua, Dim Sum, Snagem, Igneous, and Solar Trinity all battling it out to be on top as they take piece by piece of each region of the Pokemon world. Who will come up on top? Who will fall into the depths of the ocean? Listen to the Boomburst Podcast with Dozer and Cyarkos to find out!

Dozer and Cyarkos are covering the second turn of the fourth Turf War season! They discuss how Dim Sum is taking over all points of the map while Aqua is just making a mess of everything by being a mess. Each team who isn’t Aqua are making advances and slowly positioning themselves to a spot where they can call home. Listen to this episode and where Dozer and Cyarkos’s opinions on how each team doing. And to hear how badly Aqua is doing.

PKMNCastPKMNcast: Interview With Jake Paque, Voice Actor of Professor Sycamore- SBJ and the cast have a jam packed episode as they cover the latest merchandise from, tour dates for Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions, reasons why marsupials are the master race and how Pokemon is trying to cater to them. This episode is so jammed pack that there are ten Mewtwo in it!!! There is also an interview with the voice of Professor Sycamore from the Pokemon anime, Jake Paque! Take a behind the scenes adventure as Jake talks about how it is to work on the dubbing of the Pokemon anime and his views of how Professor Sycamore sees the Pokemon world. Take a listen to this episode for an awesome interview.

Kanto CastKanto Cast: #Dibs- Blue and Yellow are back to talk about Pokemon! They discuss the rumors of the Nintendo NX and how Pokemon will be tied to it. Will Pokemon Bank be integrated on to this new system to be used in all your Pokemon games or will your Pokemon forever be stuck on the cloud? Be prepare to hear about Blue’s battle against the Sun! Sun teams! Blue also talks about his Primal Clash battle where he learned how huge a Primal battle can be with two Primal Pokemon on the same team! How does the Legendary Dark Pulse Heatran compare to these monstrous beasts? Then listen for Yellow’s game long where she had a Fairy interesting battle against a Fairy interesting type. Stay tune until the end of a crazy ending!

Also, good luck to Blue at Lancaster Regionals!

Pikapi PodcastPikapi Podcast: Ash vs Misty!– It is the Pokemon battle that everybody wanted! A battle between Ash versus Misty! Mako is covering the ending of the Whirl Cup which is surprising quick as Ash and Misty’s battle is only half of the episode! This battle ends quickly and will make you wonder why Ash attacked a certain Pokemon a certain way when he should know better. Though thing ends even quicker as Misty heads on to the next round! Mako wonders if a little less filler would have helped make the Whirl Cup arc a bit longer but that doesn’t damper the mood of the story as we have another one just around the whirlpool. So join Mako as she goes over a battle that grows the bonds between trainers and friends!

PUCL PodcastP.U.C.L. Podcast- Pokemon Types That Don’t Make Sense- Straight off the heels of their discussion from Episode 200, Thatch and the council tackle Pokemon types that don’t make sense for certain Pokemon. Fluffiest Whimscott has a list of all the Pokemon who have types that don’t make sense or match how that Pokemon is. Why is Lugia a Psychic/Flying Pokemon instead of Water/Flying? Why does Thatch keep thinking that Whimscott is Grass/Flying when it never was! Take a listen to this podcast to see if any of the Pokemon you thought had confusing types were mentioned!

The Dex PodcaastThe Dex! Podcast: Fighting Types!- The Dex! Crew have a treat this week as they talk about Pokken Tournament! Kellz and Jimmy had the chance to play the game live in person on a real arcade console! They even brought a booklet to help them cover all aspects of the game such as attacks and the premise of the game. After that, the crew talk about their favorite Fighting types in the Top Five! Which Pokemon made it to the top and why wasn’t Hawlucha mention? Find out why as you join Alex, Kellz and Jimmy on a journey to Furrem!

PTCG RadioPTCG Radio: Red Flash- Rossy takes a look at some of the cards from Red Flash and all the latest news involving the Pokemon TCG in the last week! How good are some of the cards from Red Flash? There are plenty of new abilities entering the game but will all of them be used or will people past them up in a flash? Also, hear about Rossy’s thoughts about the new Break mechanic. Will it break the game or just be something that will never even break the seal of the TCG package? Hear this and more in PTCG Radio!

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