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Podcast Central: New Year, New Podcasts

It is a brand new year and it will be filled with adventures of all kinds. Some of your adventures may be old while others are brand new! That doesn’t mean you should go out there alone. Take some podcasts with you to help to make the trip a little bit more entertaining.

Happy New Year! Don’t touch that Totodile!

PKMNCast: Pokémon Bank, Hoopla, Hoopa The Pokemon Podcast spend New Years Eve doing what they do best. Podcasting! This time they gather around with some sparkling cider to talk about the Nintendo eShop being down and the delay of Pokemon Bank. They finish things off by speculating what is to be expected from Pokemon in 2014.

Striaton Radio: Our Not Christmas Episode– The crew at Striaton Radio makes their return right before Christmas to talk about a spellbinding new fire starter and the VGC’14 Rules. Expect some catch up as the guys get together to talk about what they have been doing since their last show.

The Underground: Gen 6 Meta-Preparations– Another podcast makes their return to the airwaves with Samuel at the lead. Samuel and his special guest get to talking about what has been going on around in Pokemon and talk about their preparations for the 2014 VGC competitive scene.

Pikapi Podcast: Special Episode 3: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!– Mako hitches a ride with Celebi to revisit a holiday classic, Pikachu’s Winter Vacation. This is all part of her New Years Marathon to review and analyze the old Pokemon episodes. Perfect as she starts her journeys in the Johto anime.

Pokemon Battle Evolution: Episode 12– eSeamus and Scott get together to talk about the news. This includes news involving Pokemon and the Bouncing Wailord podcasts.

The Looker Bureau: Do You Believe in Santa Crawdaunt?– A new podcast has joined the fray! The Looker Bureau is a Pokemon podcast that looks into the competitive metagame of Pokemon. Each episode they investigate a Pokemon and take a look at the clues that involve that Pokemon. They then close the case by looking into a featured team.

This time the Looker Bureau investigate the hard knock case of Crawdaunt. They line up possible suspects to go along with this Pokemon but before all of that they report on some of the news from the dark alleys of Lumiose City.

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