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Pokemon Anime! Now Moved to Disney XD!

Pokemon on Disney XD
It has finally happen! Pokemon has moved to Disney XD!

This weekend was the start of Pokemon being aired on Disney XD! The Pokemon anime series aired their first episode of Pokemon the Series XY on Disney XD on Saturday morning and ran more episodes during the evening.

Disney XD is airing episodes of Pokemon on Saturday mornings at 9am and every Saturday and Sunday evening at 7:30pm. Fans can also watch Pokemon during weekday afternoons at 4pm.

It looks like Disney XD will be airing episodes from Pokemon the Series XY for now. There has been no word on when they will start airing Pokemon the Series Sun & Moon episodes.

Things look bright with Pokemon airing on Disney XD. The show finally has a time slot that is decent for people to watch during the morning. It has rerun times during the evening and an afternoon time slot. It isn’t certain for how long this will last but it sure does bring hope to Pokemon fans who wish to watch some Pokemon anime on the TV without the option of recording episodes or waking up way too early.

It looks like Disney XD is excited to show Pokemon! They even included Pokemon in their Epic 2017 video which can be seen below.

Make sure to start watching Pokemon on Disney XD or set those DVRs!

Source: My Nintendo News

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