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Pokemon Crossroads Rolls out a New Design



Hello reader!  If you are here, and you’ve been with us since the inception of our great project to cover the Pokemon Fandom, then you’ll notice a bit of a change.  Starting today, we’ve rolled out a new design to help our readers get to the latest articles and to our community a little bit easier.  Some of the new features of this layout include:

  • A new logo
  • A design that’s still responsive to your screen.
  • Quick links that are visual and easy to find
  • Ask Jirachi in a more prominent location

Our new logo represents a reflextion of our continued commitment to Pokemon and its fandom.  We are at a crossroads of a great universe of Pokemon and we want to continue to bring the best of what people have to offer.  The new design attempts to bring more articles to you, our dear readers, faster with less scrolling.

Our sidebar has been redesigned as well.  Some of the familiar elements, like current events and Ask Jirachi, are still around.  We’ve also included more links to our community forum and our large scale RPG’s as well.  These reflect the growing interest in the evolution of text/forum based large RPG’s.

Lastly, as with all designs, we are still tweaking elements to make your experience better.  Over the coming weeks, some items may shift around, but the core experience will stay the same.

Thanks for spending your time with us.  We are fast approaching our two year anniversary here on the interwebs, and we hope you stay for the long haul.



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