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Pokemon X and Y Direct Announcement 9/4/13


We were able to get more exciting information from Nintendo this morning as they gave us a bit more incite about what’s to come for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y next month.

You will be able to have a Pokemon Bank where you can store your Pokemon on the internet in 100 boxes which means you will be able to store 3,000 Pokemon total with the Pokemon Bank.

You also will be able to transfer the Pokemon you raised and trained from White, Black, White 2 and Black 2 to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y by means of Poke Transporter.

Both the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transfer will be add on’s and you will need to buy the Pokemon Bank in order for you to be able to use the Poke Transfer. Though there will be more information in the future about these.

In Pokemon X and Pokemon Y you won’t be getting your starter from the Professor but your friend instead. From the Professor you will receive either Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle to take with you as well.

As you the Trainer play the game you will wear something on your wrist in game called the Mega Ring and your Pokemon will possess the Mega Stone and once these two are activated Mega Evolution will happen.

It appears that all Pokemon will have a form of Mega Evolution in the game.

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