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Pokemon Direct News! DLC is Coming!

It looks like 2020 will be a brand new experience for Pokemon fans! Plus a return to old!

A Pokemon Direct was held today and there was plenty of information to report on! From seeing old friends in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to seeing new parts of the Galar region! This Pokemon Direct delivered!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

It was revealed during the Pokemon Direct that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. This game will be a remake of the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games that were originally released on the Gameboy Advance and DS systems.

These games will not only have a graphical update but also feature Mega Evolution.

You can expect to see these games release on the Nintendo Switch on March 6, 2020. Below is a trailer for the game.

Sword & Shield Expansion Pass

During the Pokemon Direct, it was announced that we will see two DLC expansions for Pokemon Sword & Shield. These two expansions will be called Isle of Armor & The Crown Tundra.

Each expansion will offer players new areas, characters, Pokemon and story to explore. You will be able to explore new areas of the Galar region to expand your horizons and become an even stronger champion.

In the Isle of Armor expansion that will allow you to grow. You will be training at a dojo under Muster. He will be your mentor and offer you an apprenticeship. You will have two rivals pending your on your version. Klara will be your rival in Pokemon Sword who is training to become a Poison type Gym Leader. Avery is training to become a Psychic type Gym Leader and will be your rival in Pokemon Shield.

You will also receive the Legendary Pokemon Kubfu who will be training beside you. It is a Fighting type Pokemon that will eventually evolve into Urshifu.

Urshifu will have two forms. One form will be a Fighting/Dark type Pokemon that is called the Single Strike Style. The other form will be a Fight/Water called Rapid Strike Style. Urshifu will have a brand new unnamed ability and attack for each style.

You can also expect Urshifu to Gigantamax. Each style will have a different appearance with a different unique GMax move.

The Crown Tundra will have the theme of exploration as trainers will explore what is a giant new Wild Area. Trainers will be able to explore this wintry area where they can have the chance to capture many Pokemon such as Legendaries! One of those said Legendary Pokemon will be a brand new Grass/Psychic type Pokemon named Calyrex.

It has also been see that you will be given the chance to witness the first ever Regional Legendary Pokemon. During this Expansion, trainers can see Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres. Players will also have the chance to battle against new members of the Regi-Family.

The Isle of Armor Expansion will drop early Summer 2020. Meanwhile, The Crown Tundra will release in Fall 2020. If you purchase the Expansion Pass then you will get both DLC content. This Expansion Pack will add an additional 200 familiar Pokemon from other generations.

Please note that you do not need to purchase the DLC content in order to trade with other players. All systems will be updated to include the older Pokemon into their games.

Other Information

Other info
There will be also plenty of new things coming with the Expansion Pass. One of them is Gigantamax Forms for the Galar Starter Trio. These three Pokemon will be able to Gigantamax during the Isle of Armor Expansion.

Trainer can also expect to see Tutor Moves, Apricorns and an Exp. Charm in the new expansions.

There will be plenty of new fashion items for trainers to wear. Some of these clothing options include items that previous villains have worn. Also clothes from popular characters such as Rose and Marnie. You can also see that your bike will get a new look.

Lastly, it seems as if Venusaur and Blastorise will be acquiring Gigantamax forms as well.

Watch the video below for more details on what is expected from this DLC Expansion.

Pokemon HOME

Pokemon HOME will be launching on February 2020. You can expect to find Pokemon Home on the Switch and mobile devices.

We currently do not have too much information about Pokemon HOME. Currently we know that you can store, manage, and trade Pokémon on the go.

Wild Area and Updates

Galarian Slowpoke
The first Pokemon Sword & Shield update is live! Players will need to download this update to take part a few new story additions such as meeting Klara and Avery. Also, they will have the chance to capture a Galarian Slowpoke! You can also expect to see a new batch of promoted Gigantamax Raids.

The Update will give players the chance to head over to Wedgehurst Trainer Station to meet Klara in Pokemon Sword or Avery in Pokemon Shield. During this interaction, you will meet a Galarian Slowpoke that hitch a ride on the train. Once the DLC Expansion hits, you will be given the chance to evolve this Galarian Slowpoke into a Galarian Slowbro or Galarian Slowking. This will depend on the item you choose. A certain item in the Isle of Armor will evolve this Pokemon into Galarian Slowbro. Meanwhile, another item in The Crowned Tundra will evolve Galarian Slowpoke into Galarian Slowking.

Lastly, there has been new promoted raids for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Trainers in Pokemon Sword can expect to see Gigantamax Coalossal and Gigantamax Flapple raid. If you are playing Pokemon Shield then you will see more Gigantamax Lapras and Gigantamax Appletun. Make sure to update your games with the latest Wild Area News in the Mystery Gift tab.

Plenty of amazing things are coming to Pokemon fans this year! Get ready because 2020 is a year of big things!

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