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Pokemon Forum Hacking Spree – Everyone Be Careful!


Hackers are a common problem on the inernet. From the enthusiasts who hack to try to the criminals who do it for identity theft and phishing. From those who seek to reveal information for benevolent purposes to those who do it out of a sick kick. This is the case of Root in a Box. As of recently, he has been hacking many Pokemon forums. His latest hack target was Serebii.

His motives are unknown for the time being, but seems to be doing this out of some form of malevolent enjoyment. According to a GMC member, he managed to speak to the hacker through Skype. Apprarently, the hack was simply ‘for fun’.

In the meanwhile, please remain on the alert. On his twitter, located here.

He posted a link containing the usernames and passwords of the people of Pokemon Showdown. To anyone a member of these forums, consider changing your password. The following known forums he has hacked are: Serebii.Net, Pokemon GTS, Smogon, PokemonShowdown and ECG.

As a fansite, it is our duty to report news of this level so people can act to protect themselves.

For more information, check out this [u]interview[/u].

Ongoing Conversation

  • Grassy_Aggron

    As a further reminder, remember to try and use different passwords for different sites. Many make the mistake of using the same password, which makes it very easy to get into. Use variations – upper case and lower case, symbols, and numbers to make it more secure.

    “test” is not as strong as “tEst7%”, for example.

    …And for Chaos’ sake don’t use “password” as a password. Very bad idea.

  • Teddiursa of the Sky

    I am glad some puke finally found out the power of DDOS, but he’ll mess with the wrong people one day.

  • aliza ayan

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