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Pokemon GO Goals! Zapdos Day!

Zapdos day
Time for a new goal in Pokemon GO!

This weekend will be Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago. During this event Pokemon GO Trainers will be catching unique and exclusive Pokemon, take part in a special GO Fest task and having fun. Meanwhile, Pokemon GO trainers around the world will be working on completing Research Tasks to unlock a special goal for Zapdos Day!

Below are the number of goals that need to be completed to have Zapdos Day.

GO Fest – Complete 100,000 Research Tasks
Europe – Complete 5,000,000 Research Tasks
Americas – Complete 5,000,000 Research Tasks
Asia Pacific – Complete 5,000,000 Research Tasks

If all these goals are completed then we will have Zapdos Day on July 21st. During this day, there will be a three hour window where all raids will feature Zapdos. This Zapdos will have the Fast Move of Thunder Shock. There will also be the chance for trainers to capture a Shiny Zapdos!

Best of luck to those at GO Fest and all Pokemon GO Trainers this weekend!

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