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Pokemon GO Halloween Event 2017

Pokemon GO
Time to go get spooky with Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO has finally announce their Halloween Event for 2017. This event is going to have all kinds of treats with new Pokemon, increased spawns and extra candy!

Once again, Pokemon GO will have an increase of Gastly, Drowzee, Cubone, and other spooky Pokémon appearing in the game. Though this year they will add more by introducing some Pokemon from the Hoenn region. Some of these Pokemon from Generation 3 includes: Sableye, Banette, Duskull, Dusclops and Shuppet. There will even be a Pikachu wearing a witch’s hat joining in on the fun.

The Halloween Event will mark the first time that Pokemon from Generation 3 will be in Pokemon GO. Niantic has promise that we will see more Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire starting in December.

Also part of the event will be increased Candy as you play the game. Trainers will receive extra Candy from their Buddy Pokemon as they “trick-or-treat”. Players will also get double candy for catching, hatching and transferring Pokemon.

Lastly, trainers will be able to get goodies for their avatar and from the shop. Players can dress up by wearing a special Mimikyu’s Disguise Hat. They can purchase special boxes from the In-game Store filled with Raid Passes and Super Incubators.

Get ready to go trick-or-treating in Pokemon GO! The festivities start on October 20 at 12:00 P.M. PDT and run until November 2 at 1:00 P.M.

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