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Pokemon GO Trainer Battles Details!

Get ready to test your battle skills with Trainer Battles!

One of the most highly requested features is finally being added to Pokemon GO. Soon trainers in Pokemon GO can battle other trainers in Trainer Battles. This feature will be implemented within the game sometime during the month of December.

Trainer Battles in Pokemon GO will allow you to battle against friends, take part in Leagues, have certain Battle mechanics and battle against Team Leaders.

Battling Against Friends

Battle COde
If you want to battle against friends then you will need a Battle Code. Your Battle Code will be a QR Code that you can share with other trainers. You will be able to assemble a team of three Pokemon to battle against other trainers.

There will be a winner in the battle but both participants will earn rewards. These rewards will give players the chance to earn rare evolutionary items such as the Sinnoh Stone.

Trainer Battles will have to be done locally. That means the person you want to battle has to be close by. If you are Ultra or Best Friends then you can challenge friends from any distance.

Battle in Leagues

A league system has been put in place to keep battles fair in Pokemon GO. There are three Leagues and each one has a CP limit. Below are the three Leagues.

Great League: Max CP for each Pokemon is 1,500 CP
Ultra League: Max CP for each Pokemon is 2,500 CP
Master League: No CP limit.

The trainer with the most clever strategy is said to win. It is said that brute strength won’t be the key to winning.

Battle Mechanics

Battle Screen
Trainer battles will be fast pace and take part in real time. This is different from battles in the main series games where battles are turn base. The battle system will still be based on taps. The Pokemon in your three party team will be able to use two Fast Moves and two Charged Moves.

If you want to unlock the new second Charged Move then you will need to use Stardust and Candy to do so. The second Charged Move can also be used in Raids and Gym battles.

Trainers in Trainer Battles will also have access to a Shield. That means that your Pokemon can deploy a shield to defend against attacks. Your Pokemon will have a set number of Shields to use in battles. Once they are out of shields then they will be defenseless. It sounds like the dodging mechanic from Raids and Gym battles will not be used in Trainer Battles.

Battle Team Leaders

Team Leader
Pokemon GO trainers can challenge Team Leaders Spark, Candela, and Blanche to sharpen their battle skills. You can battle the team leaders once per day. By doing so you will also earn rewards such as Stardust. This will also help you earn your Ace Trainer medal.

Now you know the details for Trainer Battles in Pokemon GO! Make sure to go out to catch and battle!

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