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Pokemon Hats

Sylveon Hat by Allyson-x

Days are growing shorter… Nights are becoming longer…For most, the temperature outside could make a Beartic shiver… And this means…

So today, I have come to talk to you about…

Hats – The piece of clothing that keeps your head -and maybe even ears- toasty warm!

Many talented artists with a love for Pokemon piece together wonderful, warm, and wearable Pokemon hats! I am here to share with you some gorgeous Pokemon hats for all your chilly winter needs! Also keep in mind that some of these artists take hat commissions, so if you can you should snag a slot for some gorgeous headgear~

Please do read on…

1st Gen – Shiny Haunter Hat by LiliNeko

We start with this amazing shiny Haunter hat! The design is awesome and it looks so cozy! I love the detail with the eyes and mouth. Not to mention the color scheme is fabulous! Very awesomely done and those hands are so cool!

Nidoking Hat by SmileAndLead

Then we have this beautiful Nidoking hat! The design and craftsmanship of this hat is perfect! The artist did a great job incorporating the spikes of Nidoking. It isn’t something so easily sewn! Very nice work indeed!

Pokemon Roselia Inspired Hat by KawaiiKorner

This Roselia hat is perfect! The color is very pleasing to the eye and just look at those roses! They are folded and sewn so nicely, they almost look real! The artist did a fabulous job with the design of this hat, making it lovely to look at and cozy warm!

Pokemon Fleece Hat: Absol by PurgatorianHeir

This Absol hat is very well made! Easily recognizable and I love the razor horn! It’s a perfect shape and the head jewel is place perfectly on the head. It’s large but not too overpowering and overall gives the hat a nice polished look.

Fennekin Hat Pokemon Hat Simple by cutekick

We end with this lovely Fennekin Hat! Just the shape of this hat is perfect enough. You can really see all of the effort put in to make this spectacular creation! The color is fabulous and I love the puffy ear tufts! They are so full and beautiful! This is truly a wonderful hat! There is also a link to an alternate version in the description with eyes and the white part of the face.

And those are my top five most recent picks! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and stay warm out there!
Do you perhaps make hats of your own? Maybe you’ve made a scarf or blanket or two? Do share with us the Pokemon merchandise that keeps you warm in winter!

That concludes my report. Thank you for reading! Much love, and good battles.

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