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Pokemon Masters News Video Debut

Pokemon Masters is around the corner and there is plenty of news!

And to help spread the news, the Pokemon Masters YouTube account has release a special video going over all the news. This latest news announcement was hosted by Kana who is a member of the Pokemon Masters Fan Club, producer Yu Sasaki, and Pikachu. Together they talk about Upcoming Events and the Launch Celebration!

Upcoming Event: Reach for the Top

Reach for the Top
During the video, Sasaki announced that the first event for Pokemon Masters will be called Reach for the Top and will feature Blue.

This special event is a Story Event that allows you to go on adventures with a feature character. During this adventure you can battle along side sync pairs that you haven’t join you in the main story. Once you have completed the event then you earn some great rewards.

There will also be Event Missions that are special missions only available during the event. These can also be completed for great rewards.

Reach for the Top Story event begins on September 2nd and will feature Blue. During this Story Event, you will meet and battle other trainers. Some of the other characters that could be seen during this Story Event will include Misty from Kanto, Flannery from Hoenn and Bruno of the Kanto/Johto Elite Four.

If you are unable to finish the Story Event in the time available for the Story Event then players will be able to have another chance to complete the adventure at a later date. This date will be announce via in-game announcements.

Along with the Story Event, Blue & Pidgeot will appear in the Sync Pair Scout for players to get a chance to have Blue join them.

Reach for the Top Story Event will start on September 2nd.

Launch Celebration

Launch Event
With the launch of Pokemon Masters, there will be a Launch Celebration. Starting on August 28th at 11:00pm to October 16th, players will be reward several special items. These items involve:


Players will be given Gems as part of Launch Celebration Presents and Log-in Bonus. These Gems can be used in the Sync Pair Scout feature to find new Sync Pairs to add to your team. If you get enough Gems then you can scout new Sync Pairs up to 10 times.

Launch Celebration Missions

There will be special Launch Celebration Missions that will allow trainers to gain items to help trainers with training. These missions will help with clearing the main story and engaging in co-op battles.

Future News Videos

There are two more planned Pokemon Masters News videos. During each video, they will be taking questions from fans about Pokemon Masters. You can submit questions on the Pokemon Masters social medias such as Twitter. Please keep an eye on their social media for opportunities to ask questions.

Pokemon Masters will be release on August 28th.

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