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Pokemon Masters Release Details and More!

Pokemon Masters is coming soon!

Plenty of information regarding Pokemon Masters was release today. This includes a possible release date, preregistration, a chance for a special preview and videos going over game mechanics.

Release Date and Preregistration

If you are excited for Pokemon Masters then you are in luck! The expected release date is said to be August 29th, 2019.

If you are interested in preregistering for the game then you can do so by clicking on the links below.

Apple App Store

Pokemon Masters will allow you to obtain characters by either taking part in the story or in-game events. You can spend money to purchase gems to buy Scouting Missions. If you ever do receive a duplicate characters then you can level up their Sync Move.

Special Preview

Certain countries will be able to get a special preview for Pokemon Masters. Currently the only locations that will get a special preview will be Canada and Singapore on Android.

Singapore will be getting the special preview tomorrow (7/24) while Canada will be getting it soon.

All data and progress made in the special preview will be carried over into the final version of the game when it is released.

Game Mechanic Videos

Several videos going over the game mechanics have been release. These videos cover battles, sync pairs and moves. You can watch each video below by clicking on the links. That way you can have a good understanding of how to play Pokemon Masters when it finally does comes out.

Game Overview
Training Part 1
Trainer Part 2
Sync Pairs

We hope you are ready to master Pokemon Masters and have fun!

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