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Pokemon Red – The Game that Started it All – Episode 2

It’s Wednesday so here’s another episode of Pokemon Red to celebrate Pokemon’s 20th anniversary!

Here’s a quick recap of what went down in this episode. As you’ll see I did a little bit of off-screen training to get Wings up to level 5 and Zippy up to level 9 before this episode. Red continues through Viridian Forest and comes across an unexpected (but totally needed) encounter, Pikachu. I named Pikachu Detective because of the Detective Pikachu game that was released a couple of days ago. Wings evolved into Metapod and then into Butterfree during off-screen training during the episode which I cut out (I did leave in the Evolutions.) We also challenge the only Trainer in Pewter Gym.

Tune in next Monday for the next episode of Pokemon Red!

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