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Pokemon Toys Coming to McDonalds!

Happy Meals
You now have a reason to be happy when you get a Happy Meal!

McDonalds will now be giving out Pokemon toys and cards with every purchase of a Happy Meal. Starting in November, McDonalds will be promoting Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon by packaging one of eight toys with one of twelve cards.

The toys features several popular Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon like Pikachu and the Alolan Starters.

Meanwhile, the cards are reprints from Sun & Moon base set. These cards will be special holo cards printed on holofoil paper that is only used for McDonalds promos. Below are the cards that will be release for this promotion.

TCG cards

If you do not wish to buy a Happy Meal then you are allow to simply purchase the Pokemon toys and cards separately. Though it is advise that you do this as soon as they start packaging the toys with the Happy Meals. Pokemon Happy Meal toys do go by fast.

Below is a video from Australian McDonalds when they sold Pokemon toys in their Happy Meals. This was done back in August.

Source: PokeBeach, PokeJungle

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