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Pokemon VGC Players to Make Documentary

To be the best
Two times US Pokemon VGC Champion Wolfe Glick has partnered up with fellow VGC Champions Ray Rizzo and Aaron Zheng to create a documentary to cover the VGC Pokemon community and what it really takes to become a Pokemon VGC Champion. These guys want to show that there is whole world outside defeating the Elite 4 and completing your Pokedex.

This documentary, “To Be the Very Best”, will give an inside view of the VGC global community. You will see the stories that many trainers who compete in VGC and how the most intense rivals can also become the best of friends.

In order to create “To Be the Very Best” documentary, Wolfe needs fans like you to help fund it. If you are interested in this project, head over to Kickstarter to help support it! There are some great rewards. So check this project out and help bring recognition to the VGC community!

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