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Pokkén Tournament Championship Series Announced

Pokemon has recently announced that they will host a Pokkén Tournament Championship Series. This series will be running parallel to their TCG and VGC events throughout the 2015-2016 season.

Pokkén Tournament Championship Series will be part of Evo 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Evo is one of the most popular and highly competitive fighting game tournaments in the world where players from all over come to compete in games such as Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter. Pokkén Tournament will be one of the game where players can compete in and earn the chance to not only win cash prizes but an invitation to the Pokkén Tournament World Championships at this year’s World Championship at in San Francisco, California. Evo 2016 will be taking place from July 15-17.

Those who want a chance to earn an invite to Pokkén Tournament World Championships can attend US Nationals during the weekend of July 1-3rd! This years Nationals will be having a Pokkén Tournament competition where players can compete for top prizes and an invitation.

Pokkén Tournament is being released on March 18th! So you better get your systems and skills ready if you wish to take part in Pokkén Tournament World Championships!

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