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Politician on the GO during Campaign

Politician Plays GO
Pokemon once again found itself in politics.

This time Pokemon GO isn’t being used as a joke to get people to the polls. Here we have an example of a politician who is actually enjoying Pokemon GO during some downtime.

Lim Kit Siang is a leader for the Malaysia’s Democratic Action Party and the Pakatan Harapan coalition. When he isn’t on the campaign trail, it looks as if you can find Lim Kit Siang catching some Pokemon in Malaysia.

As you can see above, Lim Kit Siang is in a picture with Deoxys. He has no fear when it comes to Pokemon by the looks of it. Especially in showing his love for the game at the age of 70.

Below is what Lim Kit Siang had to say about this moment on Facebook.

“Taking a break from the hectic Cameron Highlands campaign schedule, here I am, with Deoxys in Penang”

It sounds like Lim Kit Siang is a firm believer of ‘work hard, play hard’.

Best of luck to Lim Kit Siang’s future catches in Pokemon GO!

Source: Nintendo Soup

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