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#ProfessorWillowWeek and Earth Day Rewards in GO

Willow Week
There are plenty of things to celebrate in Pokemon GO this week!

Pokemon GO is currently celebrating a few great things right now. Some of these involve the player’s hard work within Pokemon GO and beyond.

There have been plenty of reports of players finding Mew in Pokemon GO. Because of that, Pokemon GO wants to thank Professor Willow and his research for making Mew possible. They are asking players to use #ProfessorWillowWeek to share their Professor Willow fan art and cosplay. They will be sharing the art and cosplay throughout the week to celebrate everybody’s accomplishment in finding Mew.

So far there are a lot of pictures of people cosplaying as Professor Willow under the announcement tweet. Checkout the Pokemon GO Twitter account to see what they retweet.

Lastly, over 4,000 of Pokemon GO trainers attended and cleaned up trash on Earth Day at various locations around the world. Because of that, Pokemon GO is rewarding everybody with triple Stardust when catching Ground-, Water-, and Grass-type Pokémon. This reward will be active until April 30th!

Have fun and happy catching!

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