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Raid Hour Schedule for October!

Things are going to get spooky for raids during October!

Pokemon GO has release the raid hour schedule for October! You can expect a raid hour every Wednesday in October plus a make up hour for Mewtwo!

Legendary Raid Hour

Below are the details for the Raid Hours that will happen every Wednesday in October from 6pm to 7pm.

  • October 2, 9, and 16, 2019: Altered Forme Giratina
  • October 23 and 30, 2019: To Be Announced

Giratina will have the chance to be Shiny.

Make Up Mewtwo Raid Hour

The make up Mewtwo Raid Hour will be next Tuesday, October 8th from 6pm to 7pm. This Mewtwo will know the move Psystrike and could be shiny.

All trainers who take part in the Make Up Mewtwo Raid Hour will receive two free Raid Passes.

Happy raiding!

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