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Saying Alola to Alola #AlolaAlola

Fans sharing what they love about Alola!

The curtain is setting on Generation 7 and Alola. We had two sets of games within this beautiful region based on Hawaii. Some of it was bad. The majority of it was great. Though, that is just an opinion.

Today we want to share what some fans loved about Alola and Generation 7 from Twitter. After all, this generation did a lot of fanservice as we celebrated 20 years of Pokemon. So lets go ahead and see what the fans thought about Alola!

Team Skull



Alright, it looks like a few fans love Team Skull. Myself included. I guess I am in good company with Dozer and Janine.

What is there not to love about Team Skull? They are a team of bumbling idiots being led by a man who only wants to prove himself. Team Skull may not have been the most threatening team but they had the most heart. It is because of that why so many Pokemon fans love Team Skull. May it be due to Team Skull constantly getting in the way with their dancing or just Guzma initial introduction. Team Skull proved that they were in this game to do more then just steal Pokemon.

And lets take a moment to talk about Guzma. He went from an angry guy with Bug Pokemon to a good man who wants to improve himself. While doing all of this, he has a supportive group of friends thanks to Team Skull. That is beautiful. These guys are living the best life.


One word. That is all you need.

I can understand why Ash from the Safari Zone Podcast would say Lillie. The story of Lillie and her family really made Sun & Moon go from a love story to the Pokemon fanbase to an odyssey of Pokemon storytelling.

Was it perfect? No. But the game made us feel invested into Lillie’s story. We watched this little girl’s confidence grow and eventually stand up to her mom, Lusamine. Meanwhile, you the player character, cheered for her along the way.

So yes. Ash loves Lillie and so do we.


Tanner has a pretty long list of things he loved about Alola. Especially when it came to the Pokemon. There were so many great Pokemon when it came to Generation 7. We got plenty of Ghost type Pokemon like Marshadow and Dhelmise. Even Marowak wanted in on the ghost fun! And lets not forget about Mimikyu!

While we are talking about Pokemon, lets bring up the Ultra Beasts. Pokemon did so many things right with the designs of the Ultra Beasts. They took their design norms and broke all of them! What we ended up getting was amazing Pokemon that have something to add to the franchise.

Speaking of Mimikyu…

Victoria LOVES Mimikyu by the looks of her tweet.

It looks like we found Generation 7’s biggest fan! She mention pretty much everything there is when it came to the Generation 7 games. From the Pokemon, characters and even Let’s Go! Nothing was forgotten.

The sun is slowly setting on Alola and Generation 7. We had plenty of fun under the Alola Sun while admiring the Alola Moon. We battled against sacred deities while duking it out against inter-dimensional beings. There was also some family drama involved that we helped cleared up.

As we head towards the Galar Region, may we remember the fond memories that we had in Alola. Please share your thoughts about Alola in the comments or use the hashtag #AlolaAlola!

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