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Shining Legends! Now Out!

Shining Legends
Some really shining cards are about to be in your collection soon!

Shining Legends has finally been released in stores! This mini-set has over seventy cards for players to collect and battle. Shining Legends is filled with shining Pokemon such as Shining Mew, Shining Genesect, and Shining Arceus! There are also strong Mystical and Legendary Pokemon to collect such as Mewtwo GX, Raikou and Entei GX. Lastly, there are some great Pokemon like Zoroark GX for you to get your hands on.

You can get your chance to open Shining Legends packs through special TCG products. Some of these include: Shining Legends Pin Collection [Mewtwo], Shining Legends Pin Collection [Pikachu], and Shining Legends Elite Trainer Box. There will be more opportunities to open Shining Legends packs through different products.

Watch the trailer below to get a good idea on what to expect from Shining Legends.

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