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Snorlax is now at Build-A-Bear!

Don’t sleep on this new reveal!

Build-A-Bear has revealed that their Snorlax plush is now available to purchase in store from their Pokemon lineup for around $57. The deal features an online exclusive bundle. The online deal includes a Snorlax plush along with a cozy robe, sleeping cap, 5-in-1 Snorlax sound chip and Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Snorlax Pokémon TCG Card! This plush comes in at a whopping 16 inches so it can’t fit in the normal box either. The website also includes plenty of wrist accessories like Poképuffs and Pecha Berries so if you really want to make sure your new Snorlax pal doesn’t go hungry, be sure to grab one of those too. And if Snorlax isn’t really your speed, check out the Build-A-Bear website for what other friends, like Psyduck, are available for purchase.

For more information: Build-A-Bear

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