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Special URPG Times: Roleplayer of the Month & Pokemon of the Month!

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So we have a special article for y’all today. And it isn’t special because people forgot, nope not at all.

We have Roleplayer of the Month written by the lovely WinterVines and Pokemon of the Month written by AceTrainerLiam. Well let’ get to the articles!

This month’s featured Roleplayer is Meyneth!

Just coming off a busy school cycle, she’s finally getting back into posting in the URPG’s National Park more often. Her main character, Cephia, is an extremely short girl who loves to eat and has trouble focusing. Sometimes her mind wanders or she gets distracted, and that causes shenanigans while out on runs.

On one of her current runs as a Ranger, a Trainer, his Blaziken, and a wild Machop he is battling have just endured a mini-avalanche. In the process, the Machop has seemingly disappeared underneath the snow. What’s going to happen next?

Props to Meyneth this month!

This month’s Pokemon of the Month is Nidoking! This Poison/Ground beast of a Pokemon is not normally used in URPG nor in most competitive settings, but don’t overlook this poison barb in the bush, it can really sting you! With an overall okay stats and a nice 303 attack stat, it’s an average looking Pokemon. But with it’s Hidden Ability, Sheer Force, and a Life Orb to boot, this could be a very hard hitting Pokemon. This is especially so when you look at it’s large movepool. Since it’s a Pokemon from Gen I, it’s received a ton of extra moves like: Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Mega Kick/Punch, Dragon Tail, Rock Slide, Shadow Claw, etc.

However it doesn’t have a ton of boosting moves, only Amnesia, Hone Claws, Curse and Defense Curl. It does also get quite a few special moves that can be very useful like Lovely/Sweet Kiss, Morning Sun, Taunt, Stealth Rock, and Spikes that make Nidoking a well rounded Pokemon if you invest in it. After Nidoking was chosen as this month’s Pokemon of the Month, I thought to myself, “who knows Nidoking best?” and lucky for me Ms. WinterVines was just hanging around, depressing people’s day with her dice; she was, after all, a Ground type gym leader and is now a Poison type gym leader so she used Nidoking in both of her gyms and is a well-renowned URPG battler.

So I asked her, what does she like most about Nidoking? She replied saying, “It’s cry in-game, but mostly type coverage and the cool utility moves it gets”. I can totally agree with the in-game cry, I remember playing Red version when I was a kid and thinking that it was such a cool monster of a Pokemon with a badass roar; I would always envision it intimidating my opponents Pokemon when playing, sadly it never got Intimidate as an ability though. So I continued to as the Queen of Mean Dice-Rolls, “Do you find it fairly useful in URPG?” she replied saying, “It gets a ton of moves, so mostly. It’s not super speedy but it outspeeds that 259 midtier.” Spoken like a true Elite Four Member.

Overall this nostalgically brute of a Pokemon could be quite handy if a few extra moves are thrown it’s way. This gorilla/porcupine/rhinoceros/rabbit Pokemon has always been okay, but now with Sheer Force + Life Orb, a resistance to Stealth Rock and Fairy types as well as being super effective against the new type, Nidoking could be your new investment, which is actually very easy to obtain! In fact, it’s so easy it’s SIMPLE! Ha! Only a simple story with a 5k character minimum (albeit not always relevant) can catch you a Male Nidoran, or a quick walk through the Woods in the Park and you might be able to find one, or even a quick and simple drawing needing 35 points or more in the art section and you could be on your way to having one of these bad boys. Just remember to buy a moonstone!

See you all next month with another neat Pokemon!


That’s it for the articles this time! Meyneth may post to claim $1000 for being the Roleplayer of the Month. Anyone who owns a Nidoking may also post to claim $1000!


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