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Stardust and New Pokemon in GO!

Pokemon GO is getting you more Stardust and Pokemon!

Cyndaquil Community Day is coming up this Saturday but you will get plenty of Stardust and Pokemon during the event. That is because Pokemon GO has release new Pokemon and event!

New Pokemon

There are two new Pokemon that trainers can get in Pokemon GO from the Sinnoh region. They are Budew and Buizel.

Budew can be found in Eggs in Pokemon GO. It is unsure which eggs can Budew can be found it. There have also been several reports about Shiny Budew hatching from eggs.

Buizel can now be found in Level 1 Raids in Pokemon GO. Currently this is the only way to get Buizel in Pokemon GO.

Stardust Blast

A new event is now live in Pokemon GO called Stardust Blast. Trainers who hatch and catch Pokemon will get double Stardust! This event is running until November 13th.

Get out to hatch and catch!

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