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TCG Jump: Deck Spotlight- Metal Mewtwo

M Mewtwo EXIt is time to put the pedal to the metal as we go to infinity and beyond!

League Cups are currently happening with many decks trying to take wins. Players are in a mad rush to get much needed Championship Points. You will need to be a psychic to see which deck will come out on top. Though we do have a deck that can handle different situations by thinking over the situation. If you can have a mind of steel then this deck can overcome any kind of situation. The matches will involve a cold and calculating mind but they can end with you as the victor. That is perfect if you want to make a big win at upcoming League Cups.

The deck that we are spotlighting this month features a Pokemon with brutal strength that gets stronger with each passing second. This deck has been reinforced with steel plating to ensure that it can last longer in battle. All you need is a sly fox to make things tricky to prevent your opponent from overflowing the field and some mechanical mayhem to ensure a victory. Today we are going to feature the Metal Mewtwo deck!

Pokemon- 15
Mewtwo EX (BKT 61) x3
M Mewtwo EX (BKT 64) x3
Magearna EX x2
Zorua (BKT 90) x2
Zoroark (BKT 91) x2
Shaymin EX x2
Hoopa EX

Trainers- 35Electrode
Professor Sycamore x4
N x3
Lysandre x2
Hex Maniac
VS Seeker x4
Ultra Ball x4
Trainers’ Mail x4
Max Elixir x3
Mega Turbo x2
Mewtwo Spirit Link x3
Float Stone x2
Parallel City x2

Energy- 10
Metal x6
Double Colorless Energy x4

Deck Breakdown
M Mewtwo EX has always been a strong card and had the ability to fit into any kind of deck that can pile energy on it. The attack Psychic Infinity can make M Mewtwo EX as power as it needs to be in order to take down foes. All you need to do is put a Double Colorless Energy and M Mewtwo EX can start dealing damage. You can put some Metal Energy on M Mewtwo EX to make the math work just right to take knockouts on your opponent’s Pokemon.

Max ElxirThe basic setup of this deck is simple. You want to get Mewtwo EX on the bench and try to get energy on it quickly. You have Max Elixir to pull energy from the deck to help accelerate energy. This deck may only play six energy in your deck which makes the chances pretty low to hit an energy with Max Elixir in the early game. That is why you have three Max Elixir so you can at least hit some energy to jump start a Mewtwo EX. If you can get that free energy attachment from Max Elixir then you are welcome to put down your own energy from your hand.

Once your second turn comes around, you can Mega Evolve into M Mewtwo EX and potentially have four energy to attack for at least 130 damage. That is enough damage to knock out Xerneas, Yveltal, Talonflame or Greninja. That is if your opponent doesn’t put an energy on their active Pokemon. Though you may want to start spreading your energy attachments at that point to your other Pokemon. It will all depends on your situation but if you can hit 130 damage that early in the game then your opponent is going to be in a tough spot.

There are currently three Mewtwo EX cards in format. You have the most commonly used one that can use Scattershot Mewtwo EX, Photon Wave Mewtwo EX and Mewtwo EX from Evolutions.

The Scattershot Mewtwo EX is popular because it can use Damage Change to heal itself. The problem is that this deck has no Psychic energy which means the attack isn’t an option.

The Mewtwo EX from Evolutions has more HP and can grab energy from the discard. Though it isn’t often that you will be given the opportunity to use Energy Absorption to do this. Also, that 180 HP won’t matter too much because you plan to Mega Evolve as quickly as possible.

Mewtwo EX BlueSo the only Mewtwo EX that is left is the one that can use Photon Wave. This Mewtwo EX isn’t as impressive as the other two Mewtwo EX but it does have the ability to attack for a single DCE. Photon Wave may only do 30 damage but it also reduces damage from you opponent by 30. This attack could be useful because it gives this Mewtwo EX up to 200 HP. That is more then the 180 HP that Mewtwo EX from Evolutions. If your opponent wants to damage Photon Wave Mewtwo EX after it used this attack then it will need to do at least 40 damage. The attack can be used for a DCE which means you can at least prepare for a big counter attack after you Mega Evolve into M Mewtwo EX. If you do end up using this attack then it will put you in a good position to add more energy next turn and to Mega Evolve. It isn’t a bad start for your first attack if you end up going second in the game.

Magearna EX may seem like a strong choice for this deck but it can be quite useful. It is what makes this deck a “Metal Mewtwo” deck. This card has the Mystic Heart ability which prevents effects from being place on anything that has Metal energy attached. The ability is useful if you want to avoid being paralyze from Froakie’s Bubble in an attempt to stall your deck.

Though Magearna EX shines as a secondary attacker. It can use a DCE and a Metal energy to attack just like M Mewtwo EX. It is safe to stick a Metal Energy on Magearna EX in case you need to attack with it later on for the last knockout on a Shaymin EX or to help soften things up. Magearna EX can hit 120 damage with a single attack. If you can set up Zoroark with a Float Stone then you can continuously attack for 120 damage for as long as Magearna EX can stay alive.

Magearna EXYou especially want to use Magearna EX against any M Mewtwo EX mirror matches and M Gardevoir EX. Magearna EX can be used to put damage on your opponent’s M Mewtwo EX. That way you won’t have to put so much energy on your M Mewtwo EX and risk a revenge KO. Meanwhile, Magearna EX knocks out M Gardevoir EX with a full power Soul Baster thanks to weakness.

Some of the interesting choices in the Trainers included the decision of running three Max Elixir and two Mega Turbo. The idea of the deck is to attack with M Mewtwo EX so you have the ability to use Mega Turbo. The problem is that Mega Turbo would only help M Mewtwo EX. I still have possible attackers in Magearna EX. So what ended up happening is that I decided to use three Max Elixir. They have a good chance to be used before a Mewtwo EX because M Mewtwo EX and I could end up using it on a Magearna EX or Zorua. If anything, I can use it to fuel a Mewtwo EX on the bench while a M Mewtwo EX is in the active.

What ended up happening a lot is that I would grab a Mega Turbo but would be unable to play it because I didn’t have a Mega Pokemon out or no Basic energy in the discard. So what I end up doing was using Max Elixir to help set up an early game blitz by powering up a Mewtwo EX before it Mega Evolve. I would eventually use Mega Turbo to make a current M Mewtwo EX stronger to get a knock out or power up another M Mewtwo EX after one was knocked out.

Parallel City was a useful stadium because it helped me discard my Hoopa EX and Shaymin EX after I used them. That way I didn’t have to worry about them being Lysandre up to stall or knocked out. The ideal bench field setup would be M Mewtwo EX in the active, Mewtwo EX, Magearna EX and Zoroark with a Float Stone. What about my last two spots? Gone because I used Parallel City to bump off Shaymin EX and Hoopa. This stadium has proven useful against Volcanion EX to lessen any damage from it.

The Match Ups
It is now time to talk about some of the match ups you may face when playing with the Mewtwo with a heart of steel.

Yveltal and Trash
YvealtaThis may one of your best matchups. This deck and Yveltal EX likes to pile on the energy which may be a bad thing to do. The problem is that Yveltal EX needs to use more energy to knock out M Mewtwo EX. Each energy on Yveltal EX only does 20 more damage while M Mewtwo EX does 30 damage. That extra ten damage per energy adds up.

So while the normal Yveltal EX can start attacking for a Darkness and Double Colorless Energy to do at least 80 damage. A M Mewtwo EX can do 100 damage for the same amount of energy. The problem is that both Pokemon’s attacks consider the energy on both Pokemon.

So let say a M Mewtwo EX is facing off against Yveltal EX. Both Pokemon have three energy on them and the Yveltal EX attacks first. The big bird is only doing 140 damage. That is a lot of damage on M Mewtwo EX but it can strike back with Psychic Infinity for 190 damage. That is enough to knock out Yveltal EX.

Now, most likely Yveltal EX will have a Fighting Fury Belt to boost it’s HP to 210 but all M Mewtwo EX has to do is attach one more energy to hit that number. The best Yveltal EX can do is two hit KO M Mewtwo EX. Meanwhile, M Mewtwo EX can easily knock out Yveltal EX with two DCE attached.

Yveltal EX may also use Y Cyclone to put a DCE to a benched Yveltal EX. That way it can soften up the active M Mewtwo EX and then use the back Yveltal EX to take a knockout. You have two options at that point. You can knock out the active Yveltal EX with M Mewtwo EX and be prepare to attack with a fresh M Mewtwo EX next turn. The other option is to just use Lysandre to pull the back Yveltal EX to knock it out.

Also, you are running Magearna EX in this deck who can clean up in the late game. Maybe you didn’t do enough damage to knock out a Yveltal EX and you are out of M Mewtwo EX. Simply get ready to attack with Magearna EX to do 120 damage to knock out the damaged Yveltal EX. Another option is to just knock out Shaymin EX with Magearna EX to take your last knockout.

Garbodor will stop you from Stand In with Zoroark but it won’t be too bad unless you get a Hoopa EX stuck in the active. You will need to search for a Float Stone or Switch to save you.

M Mewtwo EX and Trash
M Mewtwo EXThe mirror match isn’t a fun match. You will end up being in a cold war until you or your opponent can use Lysandre to pull up a M Mewtwo EX from the other’s bench and knock it out with their own M Mewtwo EX. Whoever gets the first knock out will end up being on top and most likely win. Either you need a fast start or find a way to slow down your opponent. It is an intense match that can be decided in an instant.

Luckily this deck does have a few options. The first one is to use Magearna EX to help soften up some M Mewtwo EX. You can use a Soul Baster to do 120 damage to a M Mewtwo EX. That way you can invest less energy on your M Mewtwo EX to take a knockout. M Mewtwo EX has 210 HP which means that there needs to be seven energy between your M Mewtwo and theirs. On average, you may see three energy on a M Mewtwo EX. If you can use Magearna EX to do 120 damage then you only need 90 damage to take a knockout. Simply attach a DCE to your M Mewtwo EX and put it in the active to do 160 damage to take the knock out. If your opponent’s M Mewtwo EX has a DCE on then that should be enough to knock it out with your own M Mewtwo EX with a DCE. In the end, your opponent will be in a tough spot as they need to power up their other M Mewtwo EX with five energy to knock out your M Mewtwo EX with that magic 210 damage.

If you can’t get your Magearna EX going then using Photon Wave could have the same effect. You just want to get some prior damage on your opponent’s M Mewtwo EX so you won’t have to invest too much energy on your own so you won’t risk a revenge knockout. If Magearna EX can get the first attack on a M Mewtwo EX or two then the match should be easier. If not then it will be quite cold.

M Gardevoir EX
M Gardevoir EXThis will be your toughest match up and it is because M Gardevoir EX is part Fairy and Psychic. That means it can hit M Mewtwo EX for weakness for just two energy. M Mewtwo EX needs five energy on it to take a knockout on M Gardevoir EX. That is a lot of energy compare to a Pokemon who only need two energy to attack. Also, there is a high chance that your M Mewtwo EX will be knocked out on the following turn. So it isn’t worth putting that much energy on one M Mewtwo EX.

If you want to win this match then you will need Magearna EX. This little robot can one shot KO M Gardevoir easy. Though if you want to do this then you will need to invest into Magearna EX on your first turn. You want to use your Hoopa EX to grab both of your Magearna EX and get them ready to attack as soon as possible. Use Max Elixir to attach Metal Energy to Magearna EX and DCE to get these metal ladies ready to battle. You also want to set up Zoroark with a Float Stone to get them back on the bench after Soul Blast to recharge and attack in the same turn.

You will lose a Magearna EX in the process and that is expected. M Gardevoir EX can KO a Magearna EX by discarding seven Pokemon on their bench. Magearna EX’s resistance to Psychic type Pokemon helps as it means M Gardevoir EX needs to invest more into Despair Ray to take the knockout. The problem is that you need to be able to take a knockout back with your second Magearna EX. Just watch out as they can quickly set up another M Gardevoir EX in the same turn.

So how do you raise your chances to take the win? Get Parallel City on the field and make your opponent have three Pokemon. That will help slow down their set up and make it harder to knock out Magearna EX. They will not have enough Pokemon to knock out Magearna EX and also be force to make some touch calls on what to bench. Your opponent will be in a rush to find a Sky Field to open up their bench. Use this time to get knockouts with Magearna EX and set up. Maybe even use Hex Maniac at the right time to put your opponent in an even tighter spot.

If you can weather the assault and slow your opponent down with Parallel City then all you need to do is knock out two M Gardevoir EX. I find it that the deck struggles a bit to set up a third M Gardevoir EX after going though their deck and being limited on resources. At that point then maybe it will be safe to set up M Mewtwo EX to knock out a Shaymin EX. Though if you have Magearna EX then let the metal princess go all the way.

Volcanion EX
Volcanion EXPlaying against Volcanion is a fun match to play. M Mewtwo EX takes the center stage and can get ahead of the deck because of how quick it sets up. You need three energy on M Mewtwo EX to knock out a single energy Volcanion EX without a Fighting Fury Belt. If your opponent wants to attack with Volcanion EX then that means they have a Pokemon with three energy to attack M Mewtwo EX. M Mewtwo EX can knock it out with six energy between them without a Fighting Fury Belt on Volcanion EX. Seven energy between the two will ensure a knockout on a Fighting Fury Belt wearing Volcanion EX.

If you can place down a Parallel City then the deck needs to work harder to try to get a knockout. That twenty less damage can determine if a knockout is taken on a M Mewtwo. A few well timed Hex Maniac can put a damper on Volcanion EX because it won’t be able to hit the big numbers to damage M Mewtwo EX.

Greninja BREAK
Greninja BREAKIt takes at least three turn to get Greninja on the field. Four to get Greninja BREAK out. Use this time to get your M Mewtwo EX out to start putting the pressure on Greninja. You can do this as early as your second turn. Psychic Infinity can knock out a Frogadier with two energy and Greninja with four energy. You need to keep the pressure up against this deck and make it difficult for the deck to get out more then one Greninja BREAK.

You want to keep setting this deck back by getting rid of their frogs. You may need to knock out a Talonflame which will allow your opponent to advance their board state but if you can get one of their frogs early in the game then the match should be easy. This is another match where some Hex Maniac will make all the difference.

The problem comes when you have Greninja BREAK who keep returning their energy back to their hand after attacking with Moonlight Slash. You need to invest more energy on M Mewtwo EX to the point where you may need to two high KO them. Even worst, the Greninja BREAK deck has tech in Faded Town to get extra damage on Mega decks. That is why you want to put that pressure on your opponent quickly with M Mewtwo EX.

Final Thoughts
This Metal Mewtwo deck is a bit different as not many people would consider attacking with Magearna EX. You may not attack with this Pokemon at all but at least you have the option to do so. There are times when you want to attack with Magearna EX to soften things up or just straight up take a knockout. This Pokemon is always a viable attacker that your opponent won’t see coming.

Maybe you can replace the Zoroark line with Garbodor to make it a more traditional M Mewtwo EX deck. That could help in your M Gardevoir EX match up as it prevents them from setting up against after a big Despair Ray. It could also make the Greninja BREAK match up even better. Though having the ability to Stand In is really nice in a deck that may enjoy a free Switch at times. Also, Zoroark makes a great attacker too and will do damage for a DCE.

M Mewtwo EX is a strong card that has proven to win matches. You just need to have a mind as strong a steel, nerves of steel and a cool head to play it. Also, it helps to have some great support to help this mental powerhouse to take over the game.

Best of luck to all your League Cups!

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