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TCG Jump: Feature Match- Houndoom/Bunnelby Mil Deck

Houndoom Mil
There are a few ways to win a match and today we are going to be looking at one of those ways! ABlueGolfBall has built a Houndoom/Bunnelby deck whose purpose isn’t to knockout Pokemon. Instead it is going to focus on winning the game by decking your opponent out!

Mil decks are far and few in between but when they are built then they do go in hard. The Houndoom/Bunnelby deck wants to keep using Houndoom’s Melting Horn attack and Bunnelby’s Burrow attack to discard your opponent’s top two cards. They want to keep doing this until your opponent can’t draw anymore cards. Once that happens then they will lose the game. In order to ensure that you can mil your opponent in peace, this deck runs a lot of Crushing Hammers and Team Flare Grunt in order to ensure that your opponent won’t have a chance to power up any attackers to knock out your bunnies and dogs.

This deck can be annoying to play against but fun to watch. So make sure to watch the video below to see this deck in action!

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