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TCG Jump: Featured Card- Korrina


Art by Yusuke Ohmura

A lot of cards from Furious Fists have been featured in our Featured Card segment and for good reason. This set really gave Fighting type Pokemon a huge boost in speed and power! This week we are going to feature the girl that could be one of the driving forces for this sudden punch! She rides around on her roller blades and can fight pretty hard. It really shows as she brings battle and items for everybody at a quick pace for those who play her. This week we are featuring the Supporter card, Korrina!

Korrina is a Supporter card from Furious Fists. This card features the gym leader of the Shalour City Gym. It is appropriate seeing that the Shalour City Gym features a host of Fighting type Pokemon. So it is no wonder that the newest Fighting type gym leader is being used as a Supporter card in a set that boost Fighting types. When you play Korrina, you are able to search your deck for a Fighting type Pokemon and an Item card. You must then reveal cards to your opponent and shuffle your deck.

This is maybe one of the pillars for any Fighting deck. If you are running at Fighting type deck then you will need at least three copies of this card to fill up your bench with quick and powerful attackers while getting any kind of items you may need. This card allows you to pull out two cards from your deck at anytime. That is at least a good chuck of your deck at your disposal. Korrina is a powerful card just because it gives you so much access to your deck.

There is no explanation needed for what kind of Pokemon you can grab using Korrina. Do you need something that can quickly hit the active and the bench? Pick off heavily damaged Pokemon on the bench? Then grab Landorus EX. Do you need a Pokemon that can hit hard but cheaply without risking two prizes? Grab a Hawlucha. Need to start powering up a powerful Pokemon to wreak your opponent? Time to take out Lucario EX. Need to evolve a Pokemon on your bench but have no Ultra Ball? Take out a Stage 1 or 2 Fighting type Pokemon like Machoke or Tyrantrum. The point is that you can grab any Fighting type Pokemon in your deck with Korrina that will help put the tide of battle in your favor.

Now for what items you can grab using Korrina. Anything! Do you need some Energy? Grab Professor’s Letter. Need to search for a Pokemon that is not a Fighting type or just want to grab another one? Take an Ultra Ball! Need to evolve your Machop to a Machamp? Take a Rare Candy. Need to do an extra 20 damage? Grab a Muscle Band. Now here is my favorite thing to grab. Want to retreat your Pokemon without paying a retreat cost? Take Switch and put in a healthy Lucario EX that is ready to hit hard. Korrina can even grab an ACE Spec which can help you get out in any jam!

Now, Korrina may not be able to grab you non-Fighting type Pokemon, Stadiums or Supporters but the card is so versatile that it doesn’t matter. This card can help you grab anything you need at anytime. You don’t even have to grab a Fighting type Pokemon Korrina to use it. The fact of the matter is that Korrina can be used to grab any item in your deck that you need for any kind of tight situation.

How versatile is Korrina? So much that it is being given spots in other decks that are not Fighting focus. Some people are putting Landorus in their deck so that they can grab a Pokemon and an item. As mention in a previous article, GenesectVirizion decks are using Korrina to grab Landorus so they can retrieve lost energy while grabbing G Booster to attack with later. Some are predicting that Korrina may replace Skyla as a staple once the Supporter from Boundaries Crossed is finally rotated out. Only time will tell for that one.

So if you are planning to run a Fighting type deck or even thinking about running a deck with Fighting type Pokemon in it then make sure to put Korrina! She will make sure to help make your Pokemon stronger and give your deck a real punch!

Got a card you want to feature? How about a match? Then make sure to share it in the comments? Maybe next time we will showcase it!

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