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TCG Jump: Featured Card- Leafeon GX

Leafeon GXSpring is in full bloom and this card will surely do the same!

There are plenty of cards that can gather hype. We also know some cards that have already proven themselves in strides. Either way. These cards have the potential to do great things. We all know the great cards but there are also cards that are good but need time. That is why today we are looking at a card that has gotten a lot of hype but it hasn’t blossom just yet. So lets take a look at a Pokemon and see how it can really bloom to make a win sprout. Today we are going to feature Leafeon GX!

Leafeon GX is a GX Pokemon from Ultra Prism. It is a Stage 1 Grass type Pokemon with an ability, an attack and GX attack. Leafeon GX’s ability is called Breath of the Leaves. This ability allows you to heal 50 damage from one of your Pokemon with a Grass energy attached to it. You can only use this ability if Leafeon GX is in the active position. Leafeon GX’s first attack is Solar Beam which does 110 damage for a Grass and two colorless energy. You can use Grand Bloom GX for a single Grass energy. This attack allows you to evolve all of your Benched Pokemon. Leafeon GX is weak to Fire and has a two energy retreat cost.

The Pros

EeveeOne of the best things about Leafeon GX is that it can quickly be put on the field. That is all thanks to the Energy Evolution Eevee from Sun & Moon base. This ability can get your Leafeon GX out quick thanks to a single energy attachment.

And one Grass energy is all you need to get the show started! You can use Grand Bloom GX to evolve any of your Benched Pokemon. That can help get your Zoroark GX out quickly. Perhaps you are running Decidueye GX in your deck? That means you can get several Darktix out with a single attack.

If you need to go on the offensive then you can attach a Double Colorless Energy to Leafeon GX. That will allow you to hit for a hard 110 damage. Attack twice with Solar Beam and that will knockout almost anything.

The Cons

BrigetteThe easiest negative to pick at is that you are not hitting hard for 110 damage. It doesn’t knockout any of the big basic Pokemon. You are doing big damage but it isn’t enough when compare to other Pokemon. Especially Pokemon that can hit harder for a single energy attachment.

The other negative to look at is that Grand Bloom GX is only as good as your board state. If you do not have enough Pokemon on your bench that can evolve then it may not be worth using Grand Bloom GX. You will want to use Grand Bloom GX on your first attacking turn. The best way to do this is simply use Brigette to get three of whatever Basic Pokemon that you want on the field. Once you do that then Grand Bloom GX will start doing some heavy evolving. The problem is getting your much needed Grass energy and Brigette before your first attacking turn.

And even then you may need to evolve a bit more to get the best out of your deck.

Lastly, healing 50 HP isn’t something to write home about. It is cute to heal 50 damage but sometimes that isn’t enough to survive a second attack. Maybe if Buzzwole GX hit you with Jet Punch then it can be used to get rid of that damage. Though you can only do it once per turn on one Pokemon with Grass energy attached to them.

How to Play It

We have covered the positive and negatives involving Leafeon GX. It can be easily searched out, evolve several Pokemon with a single energy and can hit hard. Though it does not hit hard enough, needs a good board state and has a lackluster ability. So what do we need to do to make Leafeon GX work?

Decidueye GXThe first thing we need is a great partner for Leafeon GX to work with. The obvious choice would be Zoroark GX but I think that isn’t the best one. The best one would be Decidueye GX because of his Feather Arrow ability.

Decidueye GX can put enough damage on the field to give Leafeon GX’s Solar Beam attack an extra boost. That can help give Leafeon GX a chance to take some knockouts with some well planned Feather Arrow strikes. Simply attached a Choice Band and Solar Beam does 140 damage. You can use two Feather Arrow to drop 40 damage to hit the 180 number to take knockouts. That can be deadly to some decks.

Even if you do not knockout the Pokemon during your current turn then at least there is pressure. Your opponent has a Pokemon that be knocked out if you want to drop another Feather Arrow or two on it. Now you are setting up knockouts and making your opponent scramble.

Now lets tackle the set up for the perfect board state. You will want to get Brigette out on your first turn. That way three Rowlet can be pulled out of your deck. This can be done by playing at least two Brigette in your deck. You will surely need two or three Tapu Lele to get that Brigette out quick. If all goes well then there should be three Rowlet on your bench ready to evolve by using Grand Bloom GX. Now that is an explosive first turn!

You will still need to search your deck for Decidueye GX but now it is much easier to evolve up your baby owls to the big ghost owl. Perhaps you can play some Timer Balls to get multiple out with a single card.

The ability is something that you will need to learn how to live with. You can find some use for it. Though do not expect it to be a game saver. Especially against Pokmeon that can hit harder. Those who can hit Leafeon GX hard will most likely two hit KO it even after healing 50 damage.

Leafeon GX will need some help to achieve greatness. You can use a Pokemon with a strong ability to help Leafeon GX hit certain numbers. It has an ability to help set up your Pokemon. You just need to have the will to find that magic formula to get a deck ready. We hope that this article helps you along the way to make your game blossom with amazing battles. Good luck!

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