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TCG Jump: Featured Card: Lucario EX

Lucario EX

Art by Eske Yoshinob

Furious Fists is finally out and the metagame is getting a punch in the face with all the new Fighting Pokemon! This set also release plenty of great support cards to help them. This week we are going to feature a card based on a Pokemon from Generation 4. It is quick to battle and the Pokemon has always been a fan favorite. The card we are going to look at is the flagship Pokemon for Furious Fists and will surely put up a great fight in this metagame. Lets look at Lucario EX!

Lucario EX was released in Furious Fists and has 180 HP. It is a Fighting type Pokemon with a weakness to Psychic type Pokemon. It has three attacks which is rare for a Pokemon card to have. All three attacks only use up Fighting energy but this card is quick to attack. If you attach one Fighting energy then it does 30 damage with Missile Jab which doesn’t apply resistance. Lucario EX’s second attack is Corkscrew Punch for 60 damage which takes two Fighting energy and allows the you to draw until you have a hand of six cards. Lastly, Lucario EX can use Somersault Kick to simply do 100 damage.

So what makes Lucario EX so special? It is the simplicity of the card that really makes it a contender. Lucario EX is a Pokemon that can quickly attack thanks to Missile Jab only using one Fighting energy. It can do a solid 30 damage to any Pokemon which also includes Yveltal EX and Lugia EX who both would normally take 20 less damage thanks to their resistance to Fighting Pokemon.

Then you can do different things to make Missile Jab even more powerful. Instead of attaching a Fighting Energy, you can attach the new Strong Energy. This special energy can only be attached to Fighting type Pokemon and it gives all Pokemon that it is attached to an extra 20 damage boost to their attacks. You can then attach a Muscle Band to Lucario EX to do an additional 20 damage. Then if you have the new stadium card, Fighting Stadium, out on the field and attacking an EX Pokemon then Lucario EX is doing another 20 damage. Once the dust is all settled, Lucario EX is doing 90 damage with a single energy.

That is a lot of damage to do with one energy and while Missile Jab ignores resistances, it doesn’t ignore weakness. That means you can use Lysandre to pull up a Darkrai EX and knock it out thanks to it’s weakness to Fighting Pokemon. All of that for a single Strong energy.

Lets not forget about Lucario EX’s other attacks. There is Corkscrew Punch that can do 120 damage in the same situation with two Fighting energy. This attack also gives you draw support. So you can go from a two card hand to a full hand with just one powerful attack.

What is the downside to using Lucario EX? One of them is that it only uses Fighting energy to attack. That may not be a problem if you are using only Fighting energy in your deck but if you are trying to run it in a mix type deck or one using Double Colorless Energy then you may not want to draw into a non-Fighting type energy when you are in need to do more damage then Missile Jab can do.

Another worry about using Lucario EX is anything that is Psychic type. That includes Mewtwo EX, Deoxys EX and Mew EX. The first two are more common then the last. Mewtwo EX can quickly attack back with a DCE to do at least a heavy 120 damage. Deoxys EX can do the same thing too with a Rainbow and a Plasma Energy attach. Mew EX may be tech in as a counter to copy any attacks from Pokemon on the field using the Versatile ability. Something that some Empoleon decks may consider doing.

These weaknesses may be something to worry about but the strength of Lucario EX is the ability to attack quickly and hard. It can hurt all of the mention Pokemon with little trouble and easily ignore resistances even without using Missile Jab thanks to how easy it is to boost Lucario EX’s attacking power. Furious Fists gave a lot of support to Fighting type Pokemon in general and Lucario EX will make sure to take advantage of it all.

So good luck in your pulls for Lucario EX and best of luck in your matches!

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