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TCG Jump: Featured Card- Registeel

RegisteelTime to go into turbo!

We are on the eve of a brand new set coming into the Pokemon TCG. This upcoming set is going to bring many new things to the game such as a new mechanic and other fun cards. Though a certain type is expect to see brand new life with several new cards to help it out. This week we will be looking at a recently release card that could really help the type if used in the right way. It can rush into battle with no problem and can hit hard. It is a big and heavy but that doesn’t bother it. If anything! It helps makes this card an even bigger threat! So get ready to put the pedal to the metal! This week we are featuring Registeel from Crimson Invasion!

Registeel is a Metal Pokemon that has 130 HP. This Pokemon was released in Crimson Invasion and was one of the prerelease promos given for Crimson Invasion. This Pokemon has two attacks. The first attack is called Turbo Arm which cost a single Metal energy. This attack does 30 damage and can also attach a Basic energy from your discard to one of your Benched Pokemon. Registeel’s second attack is called Iron Hand and costs two Metal and another energy. This attack does 90 damage but also heals 30 on Registeel if Regice is on the bench. Lastly, Registeel has a weakness to Fire, resist Psychic and has a three energy retreat cost.

The Pros
Alolan VulpixThe biggest plus to using Registeel is how quick it can attack thanks to Turbo Arm. It can be in your active on turn one and attack thanks to the single energy attack cost. It even has a great effect as a way to accelerate energy. This means you can discard energy by using Ultra Ball to grab that needed Tapu Lele. Then in the same turn you can attach that discarded energy to one of your Benched Pokemon to set them up for a big attack by using Turbo Arm.

If you are lucky then perhaps you can knockout an Alolan Vulpix that is in the active. That would be amazing as this attack would give you a prize and extra energy on the field. Either way, this attack helps gets damage on the field and sets up your board for a future bigger attacker.

Registeel also has 130 HP which is amazing for a non-GX/EX Metal Pokemon. It is much harder to knockout a 130 HP Pokemon compare to a Pokemon with 120 HP. A lot of Pokemon cap their damage at 120 when they attack non-GX/EX Pokemon. So that means sometimes you will have a Registeel hanging on with only 10 HP. That is amazing because you can use Registeel for one more attack. Even if they do knockout your Registeel then your opponent will only take one prize. That is pretty good.

If you are playing Registeel then you will be happy to know that it also makes a great non-GX/EX attacker. It has a solid attack that does 90 damage which hits hard. It may take three energy but it has great synergy with Metagross GX who can accelerate energy on it quickly. That is handy if you are planning to take out some walls that EX/GX Pokemon can’t tear down.

The Cons
HoopaRegisteel will die if a Fire type Pokemon breaths on it. Though that isn’t the worst part about Registeel.

The worst part is that Registeel can’t hit numbers. You can hit at the most 90 damage on non-GX/EX Pokemon. That is good if you are attacking into things weak to Registeel but otherwise bad. I am mostly talking about Hoopa from Shining Legends.

Hoopa’s Scoundrel Guard can be troublesome for Metal decks who lack a non-GX/EX Pokemon to attack with. You can hit Hoopa with Registeel by doing 90 damage but it will not be enough to knockout it. At most, it will take two hits to knockout Hooopa with Registeel. That means that a Hoopa can soften up Registeel in the meantime. That is possible if your opponent sees you trying to attack with Registeel. All Hoopa needs to attack is a Darkness energy and a Double Colorless Energy.

If you are up against a crafty opponent then you can bet they will try to attack your Registeel first. That way they can get the leg up on your counter.

How to Play It
You would play Registeel as a one-of in your Metal deck. It isn’t a horrible card and can really give you an advantage in matchups that try to use walls. One of those walls is Hoopa which I mention above.

Pending on your Metal deck, you do not have too much room in the deck. So if your opponent sends out Hoopa then you may find yourself walled by the scoundrel. Though if you can place down Registeel and hit Hoopa for 90 damage then that is almost a knockout. If you want to build up your bench then perhaps you can hit Hoopa with Turbo Arm for 30. Then in your following turn you can hit Hoopa with Iron Hand for the knockout.

Metagross GXNow what else will go with Registeel? You can always use Metagross GX who can help accelerate energy on to Registeel. This will help you make Registeel go from 0 to 90 with a few “Geotech System”. Most of the time these decks like to have three Metagross GX on the bench. That means three Metal energy from the discard on Registeel to do 90 damage. That will really surprise your opponent if they decide to send out Hoopa to wall against your Metagross GX deck.

Metagross GX decks also love to play Max Potion in their deck. If your Registeel does get close to being knocked out then you can use one of your Max Potion to make that damage on Registeel disappear. That will be helpful if you plan on using your Registeel for a long time. Do not worry about the energy being discard because of Max Potion. The three Metagross GX on your bench will put it back on Registeel.

You may also see Registeel along side Silvally GX decks. This is a popular Pokemon to use in this deck. It can help accelerate energy along side with Silvally GX.

If you want to do some real damage then put a Choice Band on Registeel to wreak Gardevoir GX. If you need a single prized attacker to clean out most of the energy against Gardevoir then Registeel can do that. Especially if you do not wish to risk a Metagross GX.

Players are going have to have nerves of steel in the upcoming meta once Ultra Prism drops. Registeel can help with that thanks to his turbo speed and hard hitting moves! He is always ready to give a hand so how about you give him a chance! Best of luck in any upcoming League Cups!

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