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TCG Jump: Featured Card- Tauros GX

Tauros GX We have enter a new generation of Pokemon TCG so lets rush in like a mad bull!

Several new cards have enter the game thanks to Sun & Moon. We are also seeing a new mechanic in the form of GX Pokemon. These Pokemon are suppose to be a new generation of Pokemon that can have a grand impact on the game. That is thanks to their GX attacks. Some of these attacks can hit hard making you go over the moon. Others have effects that will make you rise with the sun. The card that we will be talking about in today’s Featured Card is said to have a lot of promise and power. That is because it has a great normal attack but a powerful GX attack. This card is able to be teched into any deck which makes it able to trample the competition. Get ready to run over the game thanks to Tauros GX!

Tauros GX is one of the first GX Pokemon to be release in Sun & Moon. It is a Colorless Pokemon with 180 HP and two attacks plus a GX attack. Tauros GX’s first attack is called Rage and it does 20 damage plus 10 more damage for each damage counter on it for two of any type of energy. The second attack is called Horn Attack which does 60 damage for two energy on it. Lastly, Tauros GX has an GX attack called Mad Ball GX. This attack cost two energy and does 30 times the number of damage counters on Tauros GX. It has a weakness to Fighting type Pokemon and cost three energy to retreat.

The Pros
Tauros GX has a few things that make it great. These things include the typing, attack cost and massive HP. If you combine these things together then this makes Tauros GX a pretty daunting thing to face if you are not ready for it.

Double Colorless EnergyColorless Pokemon have plenty of advantage just because they can use any Basic energy attachment. It is thanks to that trait that allows them to be used in almost any kind of deck. That gives Tauros GX plenty of flexibility when you are wanting to put it in a deck. Do you have an extra space in a Water deck? Simply splash it in! Got a deck that uses DCE? Put in a Tauros GX. This card give your deck an element of surprise that not many decks can afford if they have simple one time of Pokemon.

The other awesome thing about Tauros GX is that all of it’s attacks cost two energy. Basically, if your deck uses DCE then you can use Tauros GX. It can easily be put in the active and have a DCE attached to start attacking with any attack You may not want to use Horn Attack but it does a solid 60 damage for a single energy attachment. Though if you want to get your rage on then Rage is possible. Do you have a lot of damage counters on? That would be perfect to do a big Rage attack. Maybe even Mad Bull GX to show your opponent how mad you are.

Tauros GX has a lot of HP which is good if you want a nice wall in your active. You can stick a 180 HP Pokemon in the active and your opponent has two options. They can attack it to take a knockout or simply let it sit there. If they do not knock out Tauros GX then they are risking a huge revenge attack from Tauros GX. If you attack Tauros GX for 120 damage then Tauros GX will hit back for 140 damage with Rage. Though Mad Bull GX can ensure the knock out if it has at least 8 damage counters on it. This will use up your GX attack for the game but your opponent will be down a Pokemon thanks to these attack costing a DCE. Tauros GX can become an even bigger tank if you attach a Fighting Fury Belt. That will bump up Tauros GX’s 180 HP to 230 HP. That will allow Tauros GX to have even more damage counters to use for Rage.

The Cons
There are a few cons to Tauros GX which lies in his weakness and damage output.

PassimianTauros GX’s weakness to Fighting type could be bad as we do have a few potential Fighting types entering the fray. One of those Pokemon could be Passimian. Currently Passimian is getting a lot of hype thanks to the attack Team Play which does more damage depending on the number of Passimian on the bench. If your opponent can get three Passimian on the bench then the active Passimian can take a knockout on Tauros GX thanks to weakness. That could be bad news if you decide to wall or start your game with a Tauros GX.

There is also Zygarde EX who has been around for awhile now. This Fighting type Pokemon is just waiting to be use. It has plenty of HP and attacks to take down anything that is weak to Fighting Pokemon. This also includes Tauros GX. Sun & Moon have brought in plenty of new Pokemon that are weak to Fighting type Pokemon and Zygarde EX can fit the mold in a deck that wishes to counter these Fighting weak Pokemon.

There is also the fact that Tauros GX’s damage output depends on your opponent’s actions. If your opponent never attacks Tauros GX then it will never get enough damage counters on it to use Rage and Mad Bull GX. Your opponent can simply attack all the other Pokemon that are not named Tauros GX.

Also, Tauros GX may end up being knocked out after it uses Rage or Mad Bull. Your opponent may get enough damage counters on Tauros GX to use a huge Rage or Mad Bull GX. the problem is that your opponent can take a revenge KO by taking what little HP Tauros GX has.

How to Use It
Tauros GX can be used as a giant wall. Your opponent will be force to attack it by doing as little damage as they can to it to prevent a huge Rage or Mad Ball GX attack. They will keep on doing this until a single attack can take out the rest of Tauros GX’s HP. Meanwhile, you can use Horn Attack to hit your opponent’s active Pokemon with 60 damage. It won’t be much but your opponent will be doing the same.

The other option that your opponent can do is simply one-hit KO your Tauros GX. Though that will all depend if your opponent’s ability to dish out a one-hit KO on Tauros GX. Either way, if they attack into Tauros GX then they are simply giving your bull Pokemon more power to hit with Rage.

Ninja BoiYou can also play Tauros GX sneakily by doing some tricks thanks to Ninja Boy. You can play a deck that is heavy with high HP Basic Pokemon that can attack with similar energy cost to Tauros GX. You let them stay in the active to attack and take damage. Eventually you want to use Ninja Boy to replace that Pokemon with Tauros GX. It will now have plenty of damage counters on it to use Rage for huge damage. Though if this is the late game then maybe it would be best to use Mad Bull GX to take that last knockout. After all, you need about six to seven damage counters on Tauros GX to take a knockout on almost anything.

Who can you pair up Tauros GX with to do this trick? There are a few that can meet the bill and that is thanks to Tauros GX’s ability to be place in any deck.

You could put Tauros GX in a deck that uses Glaceon EX and/or Jolteon EX. These Pokemon are meant to prevent damage from happening to them. The problem is that sometimes they do take damage but may not get knocked out with one attack. Simply allow one of them to be attack for a turn from a Pokemon that won’t knock it out in one attack. Next you use Ninja Boy to replace the damage Jolteon EX/Glaceon EX with Tauros GX. It will have plenty of damage counters to do a huge Rage or Mad Bull GX. Your opponent will be caught off guard by such a tactic and may not have a response to such a quick attacker.

This card wants to hit numbers. You will most likely want to use Rage when you are stuck with Tauros GX in the active. It will pick up some damage counters and can fit 110 damage once it has 9 damage counters on it. If you attach a Fighting Fury Belt on it then it will be hitting 120 and also have 220 HP. That will make it harder for your opponent to knock it out. Eventually you can use Mad Bull GX to take a knockout when your opponent has force you into an unwanted position and you have around 7 damage counters on you. That will instantly knock out most Pokemon.

There are plenty of great cards in Sun & Moon and they are all rushing out to be used. Tauros GX is one of those many cards that can hurt you like a raging bull! You better get ready to see a bull in a china shop as Tauros GX takes the field. If you are not ready then it will break more then a few plates.

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