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TCG Jump: Featured Match- 2nd Place World’s GOLISOPOD GX Deck Post Rotation Variant

Get ready for Rotation with a deck that has proven success!

Are you ready for Rotation? The new format is in effect starting today and that means players will have less card and decks to play with. Only cards from BREAKthrough to Burning Shadows will be allowed in the Standard format. Today on TCG Jump, we will be looking at a deck that earned second place at Worlds 2017 but retooled to be used in the new Standard format! We will be looking at battles played with Golisopod GX/Garbodor deck!

Today we will be looking at the second place Worlds Golisopod GX/Garbodor deck that is being played by DarkIntegralGaming. He has taken this deck and made it playable in the new Standard format. That means no more VS Seeker to retrieve Supporters from the discard. You can expect to see heavier Supporter lines to ensure you get what you need!

This deck wants to keep hitting with Golisopod GX. It can do this with Float Stone to swap and attack with a benched Golisopod GX. If you want another way to put a new Golisopod GX into the active then play Acerola. This will allow you to pick up a damaged Golisopod GX to replace it with another from the bench. You can see that this deck has different ways to ways to keep hitting with the big bug.

Once you are done attacking with Golisopod GX then you can attack with Trashalanche. You will want to finish the game with this guy because by the late game there are plenty of items in your opponent’s discard. That will means hitting big numbers with one energy.

Watch the matches by DarkIntegralGaming below! There are four matches where two of them are played with post-rotation versions of deck that gotten second place at Worlds.

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