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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Darkrai Prism Star VS. Palkia GX

Darkrai Palkia
A new set comes out today which means…New decks! It is a battle of the new decks today!

Today is the release of Ultra Prism in the United States. There will be plenty of new cards entering the Pokemon TCG from Ultra Prism. That means we have plenty of new decks with new tricks. Today we have a match from ShadowForceTCG using decks made with Ultra Prism cards.

ShadowForceTCG is using two decks in this video. The first one is a deck that uses Palkia GX with Abomasnow as a form of acceleration. This deck wants to flood the bench with Water energy by using things like Max Elixir, Aqua Patch and Abomasnow’s ability. When you play down Abomasnow from your hand then you can attach a Water energy from your discard to any Pokemon on your field. That will allow you to set up a powerful attacker at any time during the match. Most likely the target of this effect will be Palkia GX and Lapras GX. Both of these Pokemon can hit hard and help you wash away your competition.

The second deck that ShadowForce TCG is showing off is Darkrai. This variant also uses Max Elixir to accelerate energy. Though it has a new tool to get energy on the field in the form of Darkrai Prism Star. This card has an ability where you can attach two Darkness energy from your hand when you put down Darkrai Prism Star. This will help you cover your bench with Darkness energy which will help Darkrai EX fire off a powerful Dark Pulse.

See how ShadowForceTCG uses these decks in the video below. Who will win? The wet and wild Palkia deck or the mysterious Darkrai deck?

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