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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Exeggutor-Vileplume LOCK DECK

Worlds is underway today and the first day of this massive tournament will be filled with fierce battles! This will be the last time for the cards released between Boundaries Crossed and Legendary Treasures to be used in epic combat in Standard. Though they will live on in Expanded! Imagine all the nasty combination you can come up with by combining these old cards with some of the new wonders from Ancient Origins! ABlueGolfBall did with his Exeggutor/Vileplume Deck!

Exeggutor is a Stage 1 card from Plasma Freeze who became famous for it’s Blockade attack which prevented your opponent from playing Supporters. Meanwhile, Vileplume is an up and coming Stage 2 card that has the Irritating Pollen ability that makes it impossible for you and your opponent to play items. Both of these cards can be deadly on their own but together they can created a combination that will really put your opponent under lock. That means your opponent can’t play any Items or Supporters to strength their Pokemon and dig into their deck. That is almost two-third of their deck that can’t be used.

Add Ariados from Ancient Origins and Virbank City Gym and you are adding 30 extra damage to an attack that does 10 damage. By the time you do another Blockade attack to lock up your opponent’s Supporters, 60 extra damage has been put on your opponent’s Pokemon. That doesn’t sound like an ideal situation to be in.

So watch the video below from ABlueGolfBall to see how he did using Exeggutor-Vileplume. How fast did he get the no Item-and-Supporter nightmare into play? Watch to find out!

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