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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Golisopod-GX / Decidueye-GX vs Darkrai-GX / Darkrai-EX

Darkrai vs Gpod
Get ready to see some fiery battles between plants vs zombies!

This week we are featuring matches from Heretic that involves decks using cards from Burning Shadows. Some of these decks are coming out of the shadows to show what they can do. Heretic is using a Golisopod GX/Decidueye GX that wants to evolve fast. Meanwhile, his opponent Reno is using classic Darkrai EX with some enhancements like Darkrai GX.

Heretic’s Golisopod GX/Decidueye GX deck wants to evolve as fast as possible by use Forest of Giant Plants. That means he wants to have some Golisopod GX out so it can leave a heavy First Impressions on the opponent’s active Pokemon. It also wants some Decidueye GX out to start hitting things with Feather Arrow. That way Golisopod GX’s First Impression will leave an impression on your opponent’s field with one less Pokemon. There are also a few Pokemon to spread damage such as Tapu Koko and Necrozma GX. That way your Golisopod GX does not have to work too hard. Just make sure you have ways to keep moving Golisopod GX out of the active.

Next, there is Reno’s Darkrai deck. This deck wants to get Darkness energy on the field fast. There is old reliable Max Elixir to get energy out of the deck. Then there is the new Darkrai GX which can be put on your bench from the discard with a Darkness energy thanks to it’s Restoration ability. This helps sets the field for Darkrai EX to fire off a powerful Dark Pulse attack! Lastly, add a few Exp Share to preserve your energy and things can get dark for your opponent.

So who will win? Heretic’s Golisopod GX/Decidueye GX deck or Reno’s Darkrai deck? Watch the video below to find out!

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