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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Necrozma GX/Deoxys/Malamar

Get ready for a spooky deck!

Memphis Regionals were only a week ago but there was a surprise breakout from the tournament. Today we have a video from ZapdosTCG where he is playing Malamar and friends!

This deck has plenty of hard hitting one prize attackers such as Deoxys and Mimikyu. These cards were able to be charged up by Malamar and then go right into battle to hit your opponent hard. They especially prey upon all the Buzzwole decks who have Psychic weakness.

Other interesting cards in this deck were Marshadow GX and Chimecho. Marshadow GX has the Shadow Hunt ability which allows it to copy the attacks of any Basic Pokemon in the discard. That is useful against Zoroark GX decks that won’t like getting hit by a Fighting type Pokemon. Chimecho was another interesting tech. This card has the attack call Bell of Silence which silence all Pokemon with Abilities. When you use this attack then your opponent’t can’t play down any Pokemon with Abilities from their hand.

This is an interest deck that has all kinds of ways to attack. The use of Chimecho is really unique as it looks like it can stop several decks like Zoroark GX from setting up. Clearly Malamar decks are beginning to prey on the meta and adapt accordingly to it.

Want to see this deck in action? Watch the video below from ZapdosTCG!

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