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TCG Jump: Featured Match- New Passimian Team Play Deck!

Mew Pass
Are you ready for some football!

The big game is this weekend but we got a great game for you with some team players as we look at some matches featuring Passimian!

The Pokemon Sun & Moon TCG set was released today and we are going to see many great cards hit the format including the much anticipated Passimian. This is a strong Fighting type Pokemon that can attack for a single Double Colorless Energy. If you can get a team of Passimian on the bench then this card can do 10 damage plus 30 more for each Passimian on the bench.

If you team Passimian up with Mew from Fates Collide then you can keep all your Passimian safe on the bench while Mew does all the fighting. Your Mew will be able to use their Memories of Dawn ability to copy Passimian’s Team Play attack to inflict 130 damage to your opponent’s Pokemon. That is a lot of damage for a single DCE. This will put your opponent in a bad situation. Especially if it ends with knocking out their EX Pokemon and you taking two prizes. Meanwhile, if they do knock out your Mew or Passimian then they will only get one prize. It will be an uphill struggle as your opponent will need to take six knockouts to win.

Ready to see this deck hit the field? Then watch these matches by YellowSwellow!

Good luck in your pulls for Sun & Moon!

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