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TCG Jump: Featured Match- All In One Delphox BREAK

Delphox Break
Time to break out the new cards from Fates Collide! We are going to feature a match using a hot topic card. Things are going to get heated as Donald from DarkIntegralGaming shows us what Delphox BREAK can do once it gets warmed up through a series of a battles. Get ready to see the kitchen catch on fire as Delphox BREAK starts cooking!

The matches that we are featuring from Donald and his Delphox BREAK deck are simply amazing. You are going to see a deck that can flood the field with Fire energy in a matter of minutes without any trouble. Delphox BREAK has the amazing Flare Witch ability which allows you to pull energy from your deck and attach it anywhere. You also have Blacksmith which can pull two Fire energy from the discard. Flareon EX is also in this deck to help hoard energy by using Flash Fire. It also makes a great Pokemon to apply early game pressure on your opponent.

Though, the real star of the show is a pair of Delphox who will use all the wildfire of Fire energy on you field to go use. One Delphox can use Mystical Fire to draw cards from your deck to give you a healthy hand. Meanwhile, if you put enough energy on it then you can simply burn a Pokemon to a crisp. The other Delphox that is used in this deck can whip up a flaming storm with Psystorm to take advantage of all the energy on both sides of the field with explosive results.

So get ready to see an amazing battle featuring Delphox from Donald. Is this deck ready to light the meta ablaze? Watch the video to find out!

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