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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Raging Rayquaza! – Maximizing Damage!

Raging RayquazaThe match to be featured this time is a short one but fun! TylyrPlays sets out to fire off the most damage that he can within Pokemon TCG Online. This time it features using a Dragon type Pokemon that can always burst into battle.

Click below to watch the battle!

TylyrPlays’s goal is to deal out the most damage possible with a single attack. In order to do this, TylyrPlays uses Rayquaza EX‘s Dragon Burst attack which does damage based on the number of attached Lightning or Fire energy that is discarded. Then to help maximize the damage, Vileplume is used to help make the most out of weakness. Vileplume’s Allergy Pollen is used to make weakness to be x4 instead of x2. The damage that Rayquaza EX will be doing is quadruple for any Pokemon weak against the Dragon type.

Some creative methods were done by TylyrPlays to make sure that as many Fire energy possible can be attached on to Rayquaza EX. That includes the ones hidden in the Prizes. Watch the video below to see how this turns out and how much damage is dealt.

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