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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Shining Lugia / Malamar

Shrine Deck
Time to hit the shrine if you want to win!

Today we have a match from Andrew Mahone from Mahone’s Tricky Gym. He is showing off a deck that loves to spread damage and hit hard with Shining Lugia.

This deck has only one GX Pokemon in the form of Necrozma GX. Though he isn’t the star! It is a merry band of misfits in the form of Malamar, Tapu Koko and Shining Lugia. Meanwhile, they are playing in the Shrine of Punishment. This deck wants to spread damage with Tapu Koko with Shrine of Punishment on the field. When it does that, your opponent’s GX Pokemon are taking 30 damage per turn! While you are spreading, you are setting up Malamar on the bench. That way you can have Shining Lugia on the bench ready to battle once Tapu Koko is done. If you want a flashy finish then Necrozma GX comes out to use Black Ray GX to put 100 damage on your opponent’s GX Pokemon for a big knockout.

This deck looks pretty fun. You are attacking with single prize attackers which puts the grind on your opponent. As you see in Andrew’s matches, they will knockout a Tapu Koko but only take one prize. Meanwhile, Andrew is taking two prizes with his attacks. It is amazing.

Don’t believe me! Watch the magic yourself! Does this deck has what it takes to win? Let us know!

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