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TCG Jump: Featured Match- SILVALLY GX + METAL Attackers

Silvally GX Match
Time to get your battles into high drive!

Today we have a match from Tablemon! He decided to go turbo in his battles by using a Silvally GX-Metal combo deck!

The Silvally GX-Metal deck that Tablemon uses focuses on Registeel and Silvally GX. Both Pokemon gives his deck some great energy acceleration in the form of their attacks. Registeel has Turbo Arm which can be used early game to power up Silvally GX. Meanwhile, Silvally GX can use Turbo Drive to power up benched Silvally GX.

This deck also have a bunch of Metal attackers that are not scared of Gardevoir GX. It features Celesteela GX who can hit hard thanks to Blaster GX. There is also Cobalion and Magearna EX who can attack in a pinch. Lastly, Silvally GX has the Gyro Unit ability which gives free retreat to all your Basic Pokemon. That helps with the heavy retreat costs of all your heavy Metal Pokemon.

Now let see this Silvally GX-Metal deck in action! Tablemon has three awesome matches from his stream where he puts the pedal to the metal!

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