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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Tapu Koko/Dusknoir

Dusknoir Tapu Koko
Time to look at Expanded with an old deck with new tricks!

Today we are featuring a match in the Expanded format. This idea has been around for a long time but has been missing something. The match that we are featuring from Team Fishknuckles  shows that missing pieces! Watch as they are playing with Tapu Koko-Dusknoir.

The idea of this deck is simple. You want to spread damage to all of your opponent’s Pokemon by using Tapu Koko’s Flying Flip attack. This attack does twenty damage to all of your opponent’s Pokemon by using a single Double Colorless Energy. That is perfect if you want to put as many damage counters as you can for a low energy cost. If you want to hit even harder then slap down a Dimension Valley. Follow that up with Necrozma GX and DCE to use Black Ray GX. This attack will put 100 damage on all of your opponent’s GX and EX Pokemon.

Once you have spread damage on all your opponent’s Pokemon then it is time to go crazy with Dusknoir. This card from Boundaries Crossed has been around for a long time with it’s amazing ability. Sinister Hand allows you to move the damage counters on your opponent’s Pokemon however you want. That means you can move all of the damage counters that you spread to a single Pokemon. That will get you a knockout and take prizes. Do this a few more times and you can win the game. The idea is that you want to put enough damage counters on the field so that way you can take a knockout with a single use of Sinister Hand.

Watch the match below to see Team FishKnuckles use the Tapu Koko-Duskoir deck!

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