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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Xerneas GX with Xerneas Break

Xerneas Break
Two Xerneas. Two stories. Can these two Pokemon work together?

Squeaky from Team Fish Knuckles is bring down the pain! With Xerneas GX and Xerneas BREAK!

We all know what Xerneas BREAK wants to do. This deck wants to put energy all over the bench. It then wants to Break Evolve to use Life Stream to hit the big numbers. Xerneas GX is a Pokemon with big HP numbers. It can take a hit and hold plenty of energy. If it needs to attack then it will. Though it is best to just sit on the bench.

In the matches that you are about to watch, Squeaky is going to focus on Xerneas BREAK. That isn’t bad because that is the Pokemon who hits the big numbers. It is amazing to see all the energy on the bench and how Squeaky is able to manage his bench. That will be key as he uses Xerneas BREAK to break some of his opponent’s Pokemon.

Watch the matches below to see Xerneas BREAK’s last hurrah in the game! Also make sure to check out the rest of Team Fish Knuckles videos including an update video for the channel!

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