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Time to relax on the beach!

As summer ends, why not visit the beach one more time?

A new collection has been released on the Pokémon Center. As summer draws to a close, why not take some beach memories along with you with these new items. The Piplup Bubbly Beach collection is sure to give you that summer fill no matter what time of year it is. It consists of four items. There is a black fitted adult sized hoodie, with graphics on the front and back. There is also a fitted baseball cap featuring Piplup and some of its friends. There is a clear 27 ounce water bottle with a blow outlined version of Piplup and the beach. Finally, the collection includes 8.75 inch plushie of Piplup. With such cute designs and graphics, grab this summer fun before school gets totally into gear.

For more information: Piplup Bubbly Beach

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