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Top 10 Things You Remembered Wrong in Pokemon


With over 20 years of Pokémon content out in the world for fans to enjoy, it’s easy to forget and misunderstand things that happen in the series…

Thankfully, a YouTuber by the name of Dobbs has created the Top 10 Things You Remembered Wrong in Pokemon to remind us about all the things we may have misunderstood or forgotten! All of these misconceptions come from the first generation of Pokémon, though there are some from the second generation as well.

The number ten slot went to the miss glitch from the first generation games. This glitch caused moves that would normally have a 100% accuracy, such as Ice Beam or Flamethrower, to miss. It was only a 1/256 chance that it would happen, but it was still an interesting glitch nevertheless.

Number nine talked about moves certain generation one Pokemon couldn’t learn. For example, Charizard, despite being a Fire and Flying type Pokémon, could not learn the HM Fly. Others didn’t get moves of their type level up, like the Voltorb line not getting any Electric type moves or the Sandshrew line not getting any Ground type moves level up in generation one.

The eighth slot went to the Jigglypuff from the anime that loved to sing. This particular Jigglypuff is speculated to be shiny. While the Jigglypuff had a variety of different appearances throughout the anime, the official art for it shows it as a shiny Jigglypuff.

Number seven talked about Pokémon names that are mispronounced. The Pokémon named were Rattata, Groudon, and Ho-oh.

Number six was about the most encountered Pokémon. Contrary to what may be popular belief, it is not Zubat. It’s actually Pidgey and Tentacool. Pidgey can be seen across the region while Tentacool is the only Pokémon that can be encountered by using Surf.


The fifth slot talked about the multitude of Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy that appeared in the anime. Despite having similar appearances, they did have one thing about them that stood out and allowed them to tell each other apart. Each of them had a different symbol on their hats, and that was how they were able to see which particular Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy they’re talking to.

The fourth slot was about Psyduck and Golduck. These Pokémon are pure Water types that can learn Psychic type moves and are described as having psychic abilities. Despite this, they are not Psychic type at all. The possible reasoning behind this was that the Psychic type only had one weakness in the first generation, the Bug type. As a result, it was possible that Game Freak didn’t want to give too many Pokémon the Psychic type.

Number three talked about the way Pokémon are portrayed in the anime. Some Pokémon, such as Dragonite and Tentacruel, were portrayed as massive beasts when they actually aren’t. Instead, they’re about five feet and some inches tall, depending on the Pokémon, about as tall as a human.


Number two talked about the generation Pokémon were introduced in. In particular, this focused on Togepi, a Pokémon that was introduced in the first generation but was officially a second generation Pokémon.

Finally, the first slot went to the original Pokémon theme song. There is a misunderstanding in the lyrics of the song where it sounds like “Each Pokémon to understand,” but in actuality, it’s “Teach Pokémon to understand.”

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