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Tumblr: Final Smash!

Final Smash
Need a laugh that involves your favorite Nintendo characters? Then get ready for a smashing hit!

Today we want to put the spotlight on Final Smash! It is a comic hosted on tumblr by Yayster. Most of the strips features characters in Super Smash Bros. but sometimes you may find some hints of Pokemon. Either way, each new addition will make you laugh.

The strip above is about which items you do not want to your Rotom to possess. Apparently there was a good reason why the Pokedex was decided to be the only suitable piece of technology for the Plasma Pokemon.

If you want more funny pieces involving Pokemon then there are stripes features a Lucario and his father, the joys of SOS Battles with Slowpoke, and rejected Pokeball ideas. Though you should follow and read Final Smash! to enjoy all that this tumblr page has to offer!

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