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Ultra Necrozma! Finally Revealed!

Ultra Necrozma
Meet Necrozma’s full form!

Pokemon has finally revealed the full form for Necrozma. This form is called Ultra Necrozma.

This form of Necrozma gives him a boost in power and access to a brand new Z-Move. You will need to have Necrozma know Photon Geyser. If you do and have Ultra Necrozma hold the proper Z Crystal then it can use “Light That Burns the Sky”.

It was also revealed that Poipole can evolve into Naganadel. This Ultra Beast is code named UB Stinger. It is a the first Ultra Beast that is capable of evolving.

Below are the full details for both Ultra Necrozma and Nagandel.

  • Ultra Necrozma Form: A previously unknown Form has been discovered for Necrozma after it uses Ultra Burst – Ultra Necrozma, which emerges from a blinding light to take the shape of a dragon! Ultra Necrozma is a Psychic/Dragon Type Pokémon with a new Z-Move called “Light That Burns the Sky” (if Photon Geyser is learned), which gathers together light energy until it can accumulate no more and unleashes it all. Ultra Necrozma also gains a unique new Ability called Neuroforce, which boosts damage dealt whenever it uses a super-effective move on an opponent, amplifying any of Necrozma’s powerful moves learned such as Photon Geyser, Sunsteel Strike, and Moongeist Beam!
  • New Ultra Beast Evolution: The Ultra Beast Poipole, a.k.a. UB Adhesive, evolves into the Ultra Beast Naganadel, a.k.a. UB Stinger, marking the first time that any UB has been found to evolve! Naganadel is a Poison/Dragon Type Pokémon that gains the Beast Boost Ability and can battle with powerful Dragon Type moves, including Dragon Pulse.

Watch the trailer below to see the reveal of Ultra Necrozma and Nagandel.

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